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How Can Class B Buildings Get Smarter?

By Sarah Baker on Oct 17, 2018 7:52:14 AM

Could your office building be described as… average? Maybe it doesn’t have a fountain in the lobby, or a view of the ocean – but you have four solid walls, a non-leaking roof, and only a few drafty cubicles. Have you ever tried to make your building work with an HVAC hack? Maybe you even taped a piece of cardboard over the vent to manage the airflow. That would be pretty clever of you, MacGyver.

So, if your office building is around 10-20 years old, has some wear and tear, but is generally in good shape, you probably have a Class B building. This is good news. Investors tend to target these buildings since, with a few upgrades, they can easily become Class B+ and compete readily with Class A properties. One of those upgrades is making your Class B smart – and it’s probably easier than you think.

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Case Study: Amazing Lash Studio Manages Customer Comfort & Zone Control with Ease

By Sarah Baker on Sep 28, 2018 2:26:22 PM

Amazing Lash Studio is a fast-growing, premium eyelash extension salon franchise. When they expanded into two new Minnesota locations, they needed an HVAC controls company who could overcome specific challenges. First, they needed zone control for their indoor environment. Since Amazing Lash offers a premium experience, occupant comfort is a top priority. The temperature in each salon room needed to be controlled individually – as well as the temperatures in each hallway, lobby, and office. One of the new locations had another challenge: large windows in the lobby were creating "solar gain", causing major temperature swings which needed to be balanced. Finally, humidity control was required for product performance. “We have an adhesive that we put on every single lash,” explains Patty C., a franchise owner in Minneapolis. “The glue only sticks at a specific humidity.”

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VIDEO: VAV Box Controllers Deserve a Smarter Approach

By Ben Wallace on Jun 28, 2018 9:16:24 AM

The Variable Air Volume (VAV) with reheat HVAC systems and box controllers commonly found in commercial office buildings present a great opportunity for building owners and managers to save energy, improve operational efficiencies and better manage occupant comfort, with more sophisticated sensing and controls orchestration. These VAV with reheat systems tend to use the rooftop unit (RTU) to first cool supply air to a standard 55 degrees, then typically use the electric heat at the individual VAV box reheat elements throughout the building for heating supply air to desired temperatures for the zones. Though, the traditional VAV system has several issues with inefficiency and lack of sensing and controls management.

Check out this video to learn how you can improve building performance with operational efficiencies and a better occupant experience with the 75F Smart VAV with Reheat solution.

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