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Top 5 Energy Saving Myths for Restaurants

By Michael Moriarity on Aug 11, 2017 11:33:37 AM

Restaurateurs and franchisees will most often think of energy-efficient lightbulbs and appliances to conserve energy and save on energy costs. While LED lighting and ENERGY STAR® appliances are fantastic, they may not offer the biggest bang for your bucks. The payback on many of these items is often well over five years.

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7 Reasons Why You Still Have Hot or Cold Spots at Your Restaurants

By Michael Moriarity on Jul 19, 2017 11:25:36 AM

Imagine a restaurant entryway that's hotter than the warm air outside. Then, when you get seated, you're wishing you had brought a jacket! It doesn't make for a pleasant dining experience, especially if you were hoping for a nice, cold drink or two.

If you're a restaurateur, potential revenue is walking right out your door, or maybe not even entering your restaurant because of the temperature imbalances.

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Pressurization and How to Optimize Your Restaurant

By Michael Moriarity on Jul 10, 2017 2:28:54 PM

Building pressure affects guest comfort, utility costs and equipment life. You likely have a pressurization problem in your restaurant if:

  1. You have experienced unwanted odors or smoke creeping from your kitchen into the dining area
  2. Your guests have found the doors to your restaurant difficult to open
  3. Doors don't seem to close all the way on their own
  4. Maintaining room temperatures in your building is difficult

While these may seem like minor issues, the costs of discomfort, energy loss and shorter equipment life add up.

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What's Weather Got to Do With Your Restaurant's Operational Costs?

By Michael Moriarity on Jul 4, 2017 12:21:17 PM

You should love the temperature, lighting and air quality controls in your restaurant. Your building management system (BMS) should be proactive or at least responsive to changing weather conditions. But is it? Do you love it?

Tina Turner sings that "Love is but a sweet old fashioned notion. What's love got to do with it? Who needs a heart when a heart can be broken?"

If your BMS and your employees are your heart, and "weather" stands in for "love," we assure you that weather has a heck of a lot to do with your restaurant's operational costs. The best BMS will set its tune to the weather, and you should be able to love it!

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How Much Are Temperature Imbalances Costing Your Restaurants?

By Michael Moriarity on Jul 3, 2017 9:26:48 AM

Temperature imbalances are a big piece to the puzzle of optimizing the energy efficiency and comfort of your restaurant. Saving energy, and thus utility costs, might not be your top priority, but temperature imbalances in your restaurant also impact worker productivity, guest comfort and employee turnover rates.

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7 Reasons Why Restaurants Seek Smart Building Automation Solutions

By Michael Moriarity on May 30, 2017 8:09:43 PM

Restaurants consume nearly three times the energy of the average commercial building per square foot, according to Sustainable Foodservice1. Building heating and cooling is often the single largest energy consumer in restaurants, accounting for 40% or more of your energy costs. It's likely your restaurant's HVAC system is using an excessive amount of energy, adding up to needless energy waste.

Restaurant owners and facilities managers are growing tired of Band-Aid, quick fixes that cost time and money to manage on clunky, outdated Energy Management Systems (EMS).

Move from Excessive HVAC Expenses to Substantial Savings

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