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The Smartest Commercial Thermostat in the World

Nov 28, 2018 1:52:04 PM

75F Smart Stat Zone Controller

The smartest commercial thermostat has hit the market. The 75F® Smart Stat™ Zone Controller supports the new WELL building standard with immediate data insights for temperature, humidity, CO2, VOCs, light, sound and occupancy from built-in sensors. Each Smart Stat also has a unique radial touch user interface and includes 75F’s cloud-based wireless building automation platform for HVAC, Indoor Air Quality, lighting and energy management to achieve energy savings in the 30-50% range in commercial buildings.

 So what can the Smart Stat do? 

Key features of the 75F Smart Stat include the following:

  • Personalized Zone Control for Maximum Productivity and Comfort. The 75F Smart Stat delivers immediate zone sensing and remote monitoring with real-time data visibility to assure the quality of the workplace environment and pinpoint issues.
  • IoT-driven Zone Controls for HVAC Applications. The 75F Smart Stat controls existing HVAC equipment as a quick-install retrofit or new-build solution. 
  • Smart Building Automation System (BAS) and Energy Management System (EMS) with Predictive Cloud Computing. Smart Stat delivers “Building Intelligence in a Box”, with fast installation, easy Bluetooth pairing and no custom programming required. Machine learning factors building position and load history, real-time onsite sensors, and weather feeds to predictively manage zones for optimal comfort and improve energy efficiency by 30-50%.75F Smart Stat Data View - Remote Monitoring
  • Web and Mobile Access. The suite of applications in 75F’s Facilisight® gives owners and facility managers remote monitoring and visibility into live building and equipment performance data across multiple sites, floors, zones and equipment to assure optimal environments and diagnose equipment problems. The 75F Occupant App includes temperature and lighting control, geofencing and feedback tools.
  • Secure Wireless Mesh Network. Unlike direct WiFi connected thermostats, Smart Stat uses a secure, proprietary 900MHz mesh-network for lightweight, best-path communications between devices and with the 75F® Central Control Unit™ (CCU).

Download the Smart Stat Spec Sheet!

Watch the video to learn more about how it works!

The 75F® Smart Stat™ delivers immediate zone sensing and remote monitoring with real-time data visibility to assure workplace environment quality and pinpoint issues. 

The Smart Stat is part of 75F's vertically-integrated suite of intelligent building solutions, delivering multi-mode sensing, remote monitoring and individual zone control for comfort and productivity of building occupants. To learn more, read the full press release.

Want to learn even more about the 75F® Smart Stat and how it can help increase operational efficiency and improve the occupant experience in your buildings? Download the Smart Stat Spec Sheet today!

Download the Smart Stat Spec Sheet!

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