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Spotlight: Sarah Baker, Graphic Designer

Oct 29, 2018 12:22:03 PM

Sarah Baker on the Brooklyn bridge
Photo by: Kelly Huang
Sarah Baker is not only a graphic designer, but a writer and all around artist. Sarah can do a lot of things and if she doesn't know something, it won't stop her from learning how. She previously worked for a children's toy company designing art and activity sets under licenses like Marvel and Disney. On top of her full-time career at 75F, she also freelances for a variety of publishers. Sarah is currently living in the sun in East Hollywood, California, but before she journeyed to the west she started with the company in-house in Burnsville. After moving to New York City and toughing the cold concrete jungle for a year, she is now settled into her Instagramable apartment with palm trees outside her window. Her cat is loving the new views as well. 

Interview with Sarah
What gets you out of bed in the morning?
Honestly, it’s my cat. If you don’t feed him, he threatens you by knocking things over. He starts small, but he works his way up to increasingly valuable objects.
What do you enjoy most of what you do?
The variety and the autonomy. Every week, I’m working on something different – whether that’s design work, writing blogs, or doing web optimization. Our team is close-knit and there’s a lot of trust when it comes to creative work. I’m also really happy to be working for such an environmentally friendly company.
How has 75F changed you and your priorities?
75F has helped me grow by giving me a sense of leadership in my career. I went from working under art directors to carrying our design and art direction on my shoulders – it’s been such a great opportunity. Marketing and sales work closely together here, which has taught me to see where my work contributes to the bigger picture. I’ve also learned a ton about the industry. I don’t think I knew what a rooftop unit was when I started, but now I could draw you a diagram of one.
What accomplishment are you most proud of?
I’m proud of where I am in life! I have an awesome job that combines all of my interests, where I feel like I’m truly part of the team. I’m living in a beautiful city, and have had the opportunity to experience living in different parts of the US and to grow from that. I’m happy to be here. 
 Hiking in LAHiking in LA
What is your goal in life?
I always have creative projects going on in my personal life — I love art, writing, comics, character design, all that fun stuff. I’m working on expanding my visual art skills, and I’d love to eventually get published. Short-term, I just moved into a new apartment and I’m determined to get featured on my favorite home design website, so I’ve been having fun with DIY updates.
Sarah's kitchen
What's your favorite piece of content you've created personally and for 75F?
We recently made the CRE eBook, which is a whopper that had a lot of original illustrations and layout work that I did. Not to put a CTA in this interview, but you should download it. Personally, I recently took a storyboard class where I made a 3-minute animated short about a frog who works in an office – that was a lot of fun. 
Sarah's artwork
What can we expect from you in the near future?
You’ll be able to see my cool apartment once I get my apartment feature (I’m using the law of attraction here). You’ll definitely see some new eBooks, and I’ve written a lot of upcoming blogs that are in the mix. I’m taking a perspective class in my spare time right now, so keep an eye on our illustrations; maybe those buildings will get a little more realistic. And you can expect to see my cat immediately – he’s right here!
Sarah's cat Justin

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