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Spotlight: Rick Mann, Director of Restaurant Sales

Nov 30, 2017 11:39:18 AM

Rick Mann, Director of Restaurant Sales at 75F


Rick Mann, Director of Restaurant Sales, has been in the sales industry for over 20 years. His prior role working with water filter designs introduced him to the problems associated with systems which require advanced programming. Rick understands the discrepancies between what the end user wants, compared to what the programmer thinks the end user wants. He loves that 75F solutions provide an out-of-the-box user experience, putting the control in the users hands.


Rick's Interview

How did you come to work for 75F?

I was looking to get into a new technology venue. I spent 20 years selling water filters. My wife was part of YogaFit, where I knew 75F was installed – so I asked Ashook, the owner of YogaFit, to get me in touch with Deepinder – the CEO of 75F. Three lunches later, I joined the company.

What’s the best part of your job?

Getting in touch with people in the local market, getting to know them. On the corporate side, it’s been great helping people get better indoor air quality for both the back of house staff – cooks, people working in the restaurants – while simultaneously making sure diners are comfortable.

What are some unique things about working with 75F?

It’s been really unique learning two new industries at once – the HVAC industry, and the restaurant industry. I took over the restaurant market within six months of being here. So it’s been fun figuring out what makes the industry tick.

And what does make the industry tick?

I think the key is uncovering all the hidden issues that we can address, in addition to the standard controls people are looking for. You’d never think of peeling wallpaper as an HVAC control issue – but I recently had a face-to-face with the facilities director for a large, quick-service restaurant team, and after diving into what his pain points have been in controlling HVAC, we discovered that humidity control has been a particular driver for his restaurants. The humidity was making the wallpaper peel – and humidity is something we can help fix. With our solution, we can create a monitoring line, which facility managers can use to track and see when humidity becomes an issue – and then we can take steps to keep it in check.


Rick Mann


That’s a pretty unique thing about us.

It is – especially when you think about where we started from and where we are today. We’ve added reach-in and walk-in cooler/freezer temperature monitoring and alert systems, building differential pressure monitoringheat and humidity sensors… we can help monitor and display feedback to help facility managers proactively keep on top of any issues in their space. These are additional features that a lot of people don’t even consider when they first start working with us. Our software-defined system is flexible enough to adapt to various installed equipment, where we can add sensing, monitoring and predictive controls.

So, what do you do when you’re not at work?

Sailing, when the water’s not frozen! I like biking... I also like sporting clays in the fall and winter – which is like playing golf with shotguns!

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