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Spotlight: Ben Wallace, VP of Marketing

Jul 25, 2017 11:55:51 AM

Ben Wallace, VP of Marketing

Ben Wallace, 75F’s new VP of Marketing, is passionate about technology, marketing, music, golfing, biking and skiing. He thrives on discovering new bands and attending live music events where he catches at least 2-3 concerts a month, preferably in intimate venues like 7th Street Entry, Aster Cafe and the Amsterdam Hall. His easy-going, casual personality combined with his unending brand advocacy make him a force to be reckoned with. 


Interview with Ben

What ground-breaking work is 75F doing to end "thermostat wars"? 75F can end the ongoing office thermostat wars for good by providing unprecedented granular sensing and controls in existing heating and air conditioning systems. As a result, 75F Dynamic Airflow Balancing automatically helps to normalize inequities of hot and cold spots throughout an office. It also gives the user controls for preferred ranges, even allowing a slider for selecting a point in the spectrum of comfort and efficiency. The Central Control Unit tablet and smart thermostats allow on-site control for adjustments, as well as web and mobile control for the building or facility manager. The beauty is that 75F automates and predicts environmental changes, so the building manager and tenants don't need to worry about "thermostat wars."

Why did you choose to join 75F? I was seeking a born-digital startup with a software solution at its heart, where I could contribute to growth and innovation across market sensing, product development, UX and business development. 75F is poised for growth and major market impact, and I'm thrilled to be part of this equation. I’ve been involved in MN tech and entrepreneurial programs for many years, and 75F caught my attention when they won the MN Cup competition in 2014They created a lot of buzz in the startup, technology and clean tech communities. Then, upon further investigation, I was intrigued with the agile and playful brand and people. The fresh thinking and collaborative efforts across product, marketing and sales solidified the deal.

How do you see IoT changing business? It’s empowering people to gain new insights, including remote monitoring and controls, as well as automating mundane tasks to free up time and attention for other priorities. The concept of “calm computing” taking care of things in the background is something we can help orchestrate today. The term "IoT" may not be doing justice to the reality of impact, because it's all about a new wave of capabilities in sensing and insights, predictive analytics, machine learning and automation. It’s about improving experiences for people, not just things. It's a really exciting time and, we're just scratching the surface of possibilities. It's clearly an environment where IoT can and should make a big difference for those who embrace it.

Ben Wallace

How is your work at 75F going to make a difference in the world? 75F has a really impressive story to tell. Part of my role is to help with the awareness, education and knowledge sharing so businesses realize the potential of what they can accomplish with their building automation, employee productivity and how 75F can help. It’s a matchmaker role, helping fit business stakeholders to find mutual benefit with 75F. Saving money makes a difference for business in a stronger bottom line, while also creating a comfortable environment that fosters higher cognitive ability, productivity and health. In addition to the cost savings and better work environment inside, the reduced energy demand makes for a better environment outside, lowering carbon footprint and supporting sustainability. It’s a “triple bottom line” impact that benefits people, profit and planet. Read Ben’s recent interview with tech news website SuperbCrew.com, 75F Is Getting Noticed For Building Intelligence And Triple Bottom Line Impact

Where do you spend your energy when not marketing 75F? Well, first, I’m ALWAYS marketing 75F, in all my actions and conversations. That said, I'm also active in the MN technology and startup community, helping network and make connections, especially in the IoT, SaaS, DevOps, UX and Marketing circles. I've developed rich relationships serving on the boards of MIMA, AdFEd and UXPA over the years, and participating in MinneBar, Minnedemo and other entrepreneurial communities.

I live in Mendota Heights, MN, with my wife, my two teenagers and our Pug "MoMo", where I enjoy outdoor activities. Lastly, of course my passion for live music never ends- this photo was taken at last weekend's Rock the Garden show.

Rock the Garden Concert 2017


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