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Spotlight: Adam Beson, Director of Retail Sales

Sep 24, 2017 3:56:05 PM

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Adam Beson, Director of Retail Sales, has been focused on business development, sales and marketing for 11 years now. His prior role at Nextlight provided him with an in depth understanding of lighting, making Adam a great addition to the 75F team, especially as we launched Advanced Lighting that syncs up into the same Facilisight platform as the HVAC controls. Driven to save energy for customers, Adam discusses how 75F is experiencing tremendous growth in the commercial buildings market.

 Adam says, "75F provides valuable solutions for building owners and tenants to reducing energy costs, increasing occupant comfort and optimize building performance. My role is to meet with Private Equity Firms, Building Owners, Developers, Engineers & Retailers of multi site commercial spaces to illustrate the opportunities for improvement with these award winning new technologies." Whether Adam is skiing in Colorado, traveling Canada with friends or coming into the office, his upbeat attitude and ability to describe complex systems in laymen's terms is a huge asset to the company.

Adam's Interview

How did you come to work for 75F? I’ve spent the last decade working in commercial building automation sales & marketing. My previous work was with a networked lighting controls manufacturer- that gave me unique insights with 75F to develop a lighting control solution to complement the growing HVAC controls solutions.

75F is gaining traction in the Commercial Real Estate (CRE) field. Why do you think that is? Commercial Real Estate is all about profit and you want a well run building that is comfortable, efficient and profitable. Smart buildings make for a compelling conversation with CRE representatives, because they are more energy efficient. Smart systems make comfortable environments that optimize employee well-being and productivity for tenants. Therefore, as a CRE owner, it’s important to look at energy costs of lighting and HVAC, along with how healthy the air in the environment is for occupants. The technology that exists today can drive comfort, energy efficiency and improved tenant health, while also driving profit. Whether you're dealing with a triple net or gross lease, exploring smart sustainable solutions is important. 

Electrical & Mechanical are those different? Like oil & water!!! Ha. They are very separate disciplines from an engineering perspective. One of my favorite reasons for joining 75F was to be a part of a company that was on the leading edge of smart building control technology that could integrate these systems together. That has been a battle for decades with older controls technology. 

Wait I thought you were a sales guy? Yeah. This industry is what I call technical sales. My clients range from engineers designing buildings to mechanical contractors who service equipment to property managers who maintain them. My job is to understand the whole gambit of HVAC & lighting technology and tailor my messages to the audience I’m working with in the moment.

"I love working with talented people to create a revolutionary building intelligence solution".jpg

What is the best part of your job? Every day is different and I don’t sit down much! The smart building technology field is absolutely exploding with growth and potential right now. Speaking with customers and meeting potential clients and sharing how technology can improve their daily lives is what drives me. 

What’s next for 75F? We are continuing to innovate and launch new technologies to support a variety of commercial HVAC equipment. I’ve been sworn to secrecy so I can’t share too much… but I will say we are finding big opportunities in bigger buildings!


Kristen Johnson

Written by Kristen Johnson

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