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Introducing the 75F® Smart Node™ Equipment Controller with Software-defined Flexibility

Jan 18, 2018 2:14:54 PM

The 75F® Smart Node™ terminal equipment controller enables flexible building automation with software-defined benefits. The Smart Node™ is  a first-of-its-kind product design combining onboard OLED display, eleven I/O interface ports, daisy-chained 24V power, wireless-mesh networking, and software-defined hardware capabilities. The Smart Node is part of 75F’s vertically-integrated suite of smart building products for HVAC and lighting automation, delivering energy-efficiency, indoor air quality and healthy, comfortable indoor environments.75F Smart Node Equipment Controller - front med 1920x1080 3.9MB copy.png

Sensing & Control for a Range of Equipment and Applications

The 75F Smart Node controls single-stage equipment, working with your existing HVAC equipment brands and system profiles as a quick-install retrofit or a new-build solution. In addition to multiple sensor inputs, the 75F Smart Node monitors and controls terminal equipment, including air handling units, economizer damper actuators, VAV with reheat systems, smart dampers, heat pumps, hot water mixing valves, energy meters, lighting panels, LED lights...and more.

Software-Defined Hardware Configuration Adjusts to Your Systems and Workflows
Using dynamic application assignment, where software assigns hardware profiles, the 75F Smart Node is flexible in accommodating different equipment and processes. No need for a specific controller model/SKU for each application. No programming required. And, you get remotely-delivered updates and improvements.

OLED Display & Backlit Text Simplify Installation and Troubleshooting
The display elements change contextually, based on the equipment profile and application processes. For example, when controlling an airflow damper, the percent open, room temperature, and airflow temperatures would be displayed in normal operation. The technician can see live performance data, setup initial configurations such as zone pairing, and override controls to diagnose equipment problems. Illuminated text confirms ports in use for applications.

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