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Smart Lighting Is Easier Than Flipping a Switch

Jul 11, 2017 10:19:49 AM


What makes smart lighting so easy? The installation is a breeze compared to some other smart building retrofits, and literally no one needs to flip a switch once it is implemented. Commercial smart lighting solutions for interior, exterior, parking lots and signage can be entirely automated and controlled wirelessly via the Internet.

Why You Should Consider Smart Lighting

Your organization may have already converted to LED lighting, which is excellent. LED bulbs are the most energy efficient lightbulbs available and produce very steady, pleasing light that is sharp and crisp. Additionally, LED lightbulbs have longer lifespans than halogen, CFL and HID bulbs. They are well worth the investment.

Smart lighting is the next practical step. It's simple, cost-effective, and offers automation and integration with the rest of your smart building controls, along with additional energy savings.

The 75F Advanced Lighting product can be so easily integrated that is competitively priced against the lowest quality peanut lighting control panels. An electrician is only required to land all circuits and pair modules. The electrician does not need to do any configuration or wire control components. We handle configuration for you.

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Facilisight Smart Lighting Screenshot

Above: A sample of the 75F Advanced Lighting remote scheduler.

10 Significant Benefits of Smart Lighting

  1. Automation and scheduling of all lighting zones across your portfolio
  2. Photocell integration ties your lighting zones to indoor and outdoor light levels
  3. Remote access offers real-time visibility to your lighting controls and scheduling parameters
  4. Current tranducers (CTs) allow real-time metering of zones with wireless controls
  5. Zero- to 10-volt dimming for better range of control
  6. Manual overrides of lighting controls
  7. Occupancy detection options
  8. Simple installation and configuration
  9. Scalable lighting solution

10. Smart Lighting Saves You Time and Money

  • Fewer maintenance issues = fewer truck rolls
  • Energy savings through dimming and scheduling
  • Remote control and real-time visibility of building zones across your entire portfolio
  • Productivity and indoor environment quality gains for building occupants/tenants



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