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Smart Buildings Boost Portfolio Value

May 2, 2018 1:21:35 PM

The Internet of Things is moving from a buzzword to a reality. Connected devices are making us more informed, helping automate tasks at home, and are at play in more ways than we ever thought possible. But what about where we work? How smart is the building where we spend as much as 40 hours a week?



You may be surprised to learn that only about 15% of commercial building are “smart” with building automation systems in place. That means most buildings, and possibly yours, aren't using modern connected technologies to create a better, sustainable, healthy and comfortable workplace for you. But, that’s about to change. BIG TIME!  

According to smart building research firm Memoori, the commercial real estate market is projected to have the fastest and largest growth in connected devices, moving well-beyond industrial automation and smart homes by 2021.   

The commercial real estate market is rich with opportunities for smart buildings to improve property management top-and bottom-line performance, through expense reduction, increased property values, and better workplace experiences for tenants. 

If you’re not looking at smart building automation technologies, you’re missing out on a big opportunity to differentiate your buildings now and into the future.  

Lucky for you, it’s quite easy! 

Your building can easily be retrofitted with a building automation system featuring affordable sensors and controllers that work with your existing HVAC and lighting equipment to create the optimal workplace environment. 

The energy savings alone are worth a look. According to the U.S Green Building Council, buildings consume 70% of U.S electricity. The Department of Energy indicates that commercial buildings waste as much as 30% of the energy they consume. With smart buildings, you can save up to 50% on HVAC and Lighting energy costs. Utility expenses alone can offer ROI in just 1 to 3 years, before factoring other operational savings. 

Smart buildings don't just save you money – smart buildings create value. They benefit everyone from owners to occupants. Smart buildings have higher market value, too. A study by the U.S. Green Building Council indicates that smart buildings can...

Increase lease value by as much as 11.8%.   

An intelligent building system can play a key role in attracting, retaining and delighting tenants. They offer lower energy bills, create eco-friendly offices, and are great places to work with healthy indoor air quality and comfortable workspaces.

Creating a smart building means you care about your tenants’ well-being.

As you are likely aware, one of the biggest tenant complaints is comfort. It’s summer – so why is the office so cold? Thermal comfort is directly correlated to productivity. If employees aren't comfortable, productivity can suffer. A smart building can sense and manage this. 

Indoor air quality is also a huge factor for productivity. High CO2 and VOC levels can pose threats to health and productivity.  High levels of CO2 can make you groggy and reduce your cognitive ability. So, that big pasta lunch might not be the reason you're drowsy; it could be high CO2 levels that have risen through the course of the day. 

A building automation system can sense C02 levels and bring in fresh outside air to assure healthy levels of oxygen for occupants. 

You probably manage more than one building. IoT-connected buildings help you manage all your sites from one single pane of glass. Monitor across properties – all the way down to floor-, zone-, and equipment levels. No need to be on-site to have insight. And, you can make small updates all at once to multiple buildings. Commercial properties are projected to quickly rise to become the smartest, most-connected buildings in the Internet of Things ecosystem over the next few years. Will your buildings offer the smarts and performance as high-value assets delivering strong returns, while creating ideal conditions to attract and delight your tenants?  

Smart buildings make for quick returns by cutting expenses in energy, maintenance and other areas. Though, the improved experiences for owners, property manager and occupants, promise the greatest value.

Now that's smart! 


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Kelly Huang

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