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Profitable Building Automation Controls for Mechanical Contractors

Jun 13, 2019 6:00:00 AM

75F drastically lowers the installation time and related costs to automate buildings between 2,000 and 200,000 square feet Losings bids to the competition? Looking for a high-margin Building Automation System (BAS)? 75F is on a mission to make BAS installations easy for mechanical contractors and more affordable for their customers. 75F drastically lowers the installation time and related costs to automate buildings between 2,000 and 200,000+ square feet with a complete building intelligence system for HVAC, lighting, indoor air quality, occupancy, and energy management. Total installed cost savings, plus features such as online analytics and mobile apps, combine to make you and 75F a big hit with your customers. Plus, you can install 75F with low voltage technicians – which means there's no need to sub-contract to local contractors.

Here are a few other ways we make life easier and more profitable for mechanical contractors: 

Proactive Support MonitoringRemote Monitoring

75F Intelligent Building Analysts conduct remote monitoring, analytics, and proactive issue escalation for your client's facilities. We observe and interpret the data, sending alerts via phone, SMS, and/or email to your facility support staff with recommended actions to solve the problem, as well as early notification of moderate issues. Remote monitoring keeps you on top of problems before they occur, allowing you to provide timely, proactive service. Quarterly reports also give you a full picture of a building's performance and service providers can use this report to provide data-informed consulting, as well as equipment and service recommendations for customers. 

With 75F, customers can prevent equipment failures, costly repairs & truck rolls before they happenPredictive Maintenance

Utility and repair/maintenance expenses are the two largest operating expense categories for commercial buildings. An intelligent BAS can save owners ongoing operational expenses (OpEx) that make up the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of a BAS even quicker. The O&M Best Practices Guide from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) outlines significant savings opportunities, including the ability to:

  • Reduce maintenance costs up to 30%
  • Replace parts only when actual performance degradation requires it, vs. a calendar schedule
  • Eliminate 70-75% of equipment breakdowns
  • Reduce equipment downtime 35-45%

With 75F, customers can reduce and prevent equipment failures and other OpEx costs before they happen. This can also lead to a proactive maintenance service offering, as well. According to the DOE, operations and predictive maintenance can realize the same benefits (energy savings) as equipment retrofits costing approximately 20x more.

A system in balance

75F is reinventing building controls using modern technology, such as cloud computing, wireless networking and mobile apps. 75F offers an easily-installed, wireless building automation solution that delivers sophisticated HVAC and lighting control, at a fraction of the cost of comparable systems, providing a larger profit margin at a lower price point for mechanical contractors.

The 75F product suite provides remote control and diagnostics, improves indoor air quality and saves energy to reduce costs and support sustainability programs.

75F provides commercial building occupants with complete control over their indoor environments. The 75F product suite provides remote control and diagnostics, improves indoor air quality and saves energy to reduce HVAC and lighting utility costs by 30-50%, achieve a 1-3 payback, and support sustainability programs. 

Hear it from our customers:

"My relationship with 75F is a highly profitable one and I really enjoy the experience." 


Owner, Midland Heating & Air Conditioning

75F for Mechanical Contractors

 Want to learn more how 75F can help you increase profit margins and revenue with an affordable, commercial building automation system? Download our free PDF, 75F for Mechanical Contractors.

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Sarah Baker

Written by Sarah Baker

Download 75F for Mechanical Contractors

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