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Our First Time at MASMS Didn't Let Us Down

Oct 16, 2017 12:51:02 PM

The Minnesota Educational Facilities Management Professionals Association, also know as MASMS, is the largest and most well-attended event for school district decision makers across the state. While 75F is not currently working with large school districts, we have had great success in helping smaller districts become equipped with building automation. Several other districts are interested in having us look at their buildings to add controls. It's known that most districts are using large solution providers. 

Cyprus Academy is one school which was willing to make a change with a smart building automation system. Our solution fixed their problems with temperature imbalances and stuffy air. We had elementary students install the system at their school – because it's that easy. 


Adam Beson, our Director of Retail Sales, met with Charlotte Currier, the Project Manager of Energy Insight INCCharlotte sees plenty of opportunities for businesses to make energy-efficiency improvements, while lowering costs at the same time—whether it be lighting upgrades, improving display merchandise, adding HVAC controls to improve tenant comfort, or reducing electric demand to prevent utilities from having to open new power plants. Fun fact: Energy Insight was nominated in the same catergory as us for the 2016 Tekne Award for Energy and Clean Tech!

Overall, it was a great event. The parking lots in St. Cloud were maxed out with vendors and attendees. Adam was able to meet with people who seemed very interested in integrating the 75F system. For 75F to make an impression in front of new organization is always a win for us. 

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