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OE2 = Occupant Experience x Operational Efficiency

Jun 28, 2018 11:53:54 PM

OE2 or "OE squared" is an expression 75F coined to share what we view as a simple formula for the key metrics of building performance, with the the two primary factors :

"Occupant Experience" (OE)


"Operational Efficiency" (OE)

= OE2

With 75F building automation solutions, these factors result in multiple building performance benefits.

"Occupant Experience" (OE)

Buildings should be working smarter for their occupants, creating the ultimate Occupant Experience. Occupants are the reason buildings exist, so buildings should be measured on how well they support the people who occupy them. Here are some of the key ways 75F smart building automation solutions benefit tenants:

  • Comfort through thermal temperatures, humidity and lighting tailored to occupant preferences
  • Productivity, health and wellness through indoor air quality
  • Empowerment with control of their personal workspace with mobile Occupant app
  • Voice of the Occupant feedback and ratings channels
  • Accommodation of schedules and workflows
  • Proactive management of the indoor environment to pre-empt issues before they surface
  • Deliver 100x value of energy efficiency
  • Create a great place to work that attracts smart, sustainability-minded employees
  • Increase property value up to 11.8%
  • Score High on "Human Experience" in Arc score building performance benchmarking

"Operational Efficiency" (OE)

Smart building automation systems can deliver operational efficiencies well beyond the initial appeal and ROI payback of energy efficiency savings. 75F Intelligent Building Solutions offer operational efficiencies ranging from the quick, intuitive installation, to elimination of IT infrastructure OpEx, to predictive maintenance minimizing equipment service costs and downtime:

Improve your occupant experience with 75F building automation solutions!

OE2 is Building Performance Optimized

A quadratic equation seemed like the perfect expression for the value of a building's performance, when measured in the context of the two most critical customers, the building occupant and the building owner. And, together these benefits are more than the sum of their parts. The holistic benefits of a building performing across these lines has a multiplier effect.

Check out the Occupant Experience and Operational Efficiency pages to learn more about the measures that make these factors important to commercial building owners, operators and occupants - the ultimate customers.

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