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More comfortable, productive employees and better energy savings at Firstsource Solutions, Malad

Oct 16, 2018 6:47:30 AM

Energy efficiency at Firstsource Solutions

Firstsource Solutions Ltd. (FSL) is a leading outsourcing partner for the world’s leading brands and is a company known for delivering excellence in customer experience. As their employees are their key strength, the company aims to provide a world class working environment that keeps their employees comfortable and productive. However, a year ago, the Facility Management team at FSL’s Paradigm office in Malad, Mumbai often received complaints of employees feeling too hot or too cold and the temperature differences in many parts of the building was compromising employee comfort and productivity.

The FM team set out to seek a swift and effective solution to their hot and cold spots problem. But being responsible corporate citizens, it was important to them that they resolve their comfort issues  without compromising on energy efficiency, a solution they were struggling to find until they met 75F.

75F’s Solution @ FSL, Paradigm

The FSL team evaluated multiple options before deciding on 75F. As Mr. Manjunath Srivatsa, Sr. Vice President – Administration and Security at Firstsource Solutions put it, “I found their (75F’s) technology was much superior compared to any other companies that I have met. They understand technology very well, and they are a very agile team."

Mr. Manjunath Srivatsa, adds, “We were struggling to find a solution to balance the heat load across the entire floor. When it comes to air conditioning, there is a balance that we need to keep between what we save vs the employee satisfaction. That is where 75F helped us in providing a holistic solution that addresses various parameters.”

75F started with a detailed site survey of FSL’s facility to scope out the existing conditions and challenges and accordingly tailor make the perfect solution for them. As a pilot, the 75F solution was first installed in an 18,000 sq ft. area where energy savings and comfort improvements were demonstrated, before 75F went on to install their solution across the 1,00,000 sq ft. area.  

Through the Dynamic Air Flow Balancing Solution, Dynamic Chilled Water Balancing Solution and 75F Facilisight installed at FSL’s Malad Paradigm facility, 75F manages their airflow, the AHUs and the chilled water flow. It also provided FSL’s facilities team with visibility into their temperatures, humidity, CO2, comfort index and energy consumption.

Delivering Optimized Comfort, Improved Productivity and Energy Savings

Automation at Firstsource Solutions

Firstsource Solutions benefited from an extremely fast, non-intrusive installation, ensuring minimal disruption to the workforce. Employees now enjoy consistent temperatures at all times across the facility and the facility manager can control and check settings with the touch of a button on the app. The facilities team can also check real time data for each system, making diagnostics also as simple as grabbing a mobile phone.

Energy Savings:

Within a few weeks Firstsource Solutions achieved 45.63% savings on the AHU energy consumption while optimising the comfort of the occupants. These savings were realised by:

1) Optimized AHU operation via VFD, based on occupancy, zone temperatures, operation schedule, ambient conditions, etc.

2) Dynamic Airflow Balancing & Independent Zone, System and Vacation Schedules: Providing optimal airflow and cooling for the appropriate amount of time where and when it is needed, maintaining comfort while saving energy.

3) Occupancy Scheduling and Detection: Proactively adjusts cooling based on occupancy thereby reducing wastage and saving energy.

Improved Productivity:

After the 75F solution was installed, hot and cold spots were eliminated and employees complaints about temperature imbalances went down drastically. Temperatures across the facility are now efficiently controlled to +/- 2oF from the desired set point ensuring no overcooling or hot spots.

The facility management team found everyday control vastly improved and simplified with 75F Facilisight. The actionable alerts, diagnostics, remote controlling, temperature trends, energy consumption trends, Real-time Heat-map etc. that Facilisight offers meant FSL’s facility team was making better utilisation of their resources.

Quick ROI

The low installation costs and the almost immediate savings on energy means FSL will enjoy an ROI of as low as 2.05 years! In addition to this, Firstsource also stands to gain from improved employee productivity, savings through automation and reduced wear and tear of machines.

Manjunath Srivatsa sums it up best, “Since we installed 75F’s solution we’ve achieved significant savings on our energy bills and have noticed a considerable improvement in comfort levels. Moreover, 75F’s solution helped improve the productivity of my team.”

 Interested in reading more in depth about our work with Firstsource Solutions? Download our Case Study right here!

                                                                Read the FirstSource Solutions Case Study

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