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MN Chamber of Commerce Policy Tour at 75F Highlights Workforce & Innovation Benchmarking

Jan 12, 2018 3:16:58 PM

75F hosted the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce for their Statewide Policy Tour at our headquarters in Burnsville, MN, yesterday.....for those who braved the slippery MN winter conditions.

The purpose of the multi-city Policy Tour is to bring together businesses across Minnesota to discuss the state of the state from a business perspective, review benchmarking, address upcoming 2018 policy issues and priorities for the MN Chamber of commerce.

Topics included economic landscape and business climate, factoring workforce, innovation, business attractiveness, taxes, infrastructure (including Internet ) and more. As a MN-based technology startup, a few of the topics were of particular interest to 75F, as we support MN businesses with energy efficiency, attractive properties and property values, and - most importantly - optimal workforce (building occupant) experiences.

The Innovation benchmark slide had some interesting stats on our standing:

MN Chamber of Commerce Statewide Policy Tour - Innovation Slide.png 

The MN Chamber of Commerce also offers Energy Smart with business services including energy consultations , utility bill analysis, energy benchmarking, energy cost reduction approaches, and identifying funding options (such as finding utility rebates or a grant program) for energy efficiency projects spanning LED lighting to HVAC systems. 75F solutions could factor in with 30-50% savings potential. Check out their Energy Sense blog for more energy efficiency info.

75F sees the new corporate tax laws opening some new opportunities around 2108 capital investments in HVAC, Lighting and building controls. Watch for an upcoming post on this opportunity.

Several attendees took us up on a tour of the 75F office workplace / playspace and demo 75F solutions. Check out the KMSP M.A. Rosko Cool Workplaces video featuring 75F for a closer look at our offices.  As part of that tour, Bob French, 75F's Chief Evangelist, shared a brief presentation on the value of intelligent building solutions, not only for energy savings, but more significantly for workforce comfort and productivity. 

75F Tour and Demo with MN Chamber of Commerce 011118.png

Check out the business benefits of indoor air quality (IAQ).

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