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Making City Buildings Smart & Comfy Kittens in the Bold North of Minnesota

May 16, 2018 12:41:45 PM

The Northern Minnesota town of International Falls, bordering Canada, is home to some of the most beautiful (and, at times, coldest) parts of the country. And, this past week, several buildings there got a lot smarter and a lot more comfortable for the people and pets alike, In a few hours per site, fast installations of 75F solutions, self-installed by on-staff facilities managers and electricians, were up and running - managing energy efficiency, indoor air quality and temperatures. 

Word and actions spread fast in these parts. In fact, in the course of a few days, the following municipal buildings were among the lucky ones to get fast, affordable intelligent building systems installed:

Borderland Humane Society

We added to creature comforts at the local animal shelter, the Borderland Humane Society, where we had extra eyes watching in amazement at the ease and speed by which the local electrician installed and commissioned the new intelligent HVAC system.



International Falls Library

The International Falls Library Community Building was already filled with pretty smart stuff, but we helped the building and it's rooftop unit get smart and modern with sensors, controls and software to let the machines do some of the learning so the people could curl up with a good book - or browser - and get into their comfort zones.  

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Good Samaritan Society

The Northwinds Assisted Living uses heat pumps to provide heating and cooling in zones throughout the building. Recently, this facility began to survey and study ambient noise levels throughout the facility, a time-consuming and data intensive burden on the facilities team. With training from 75F, the local facilities team installed a 75F Smart Stat to control one of the heat pumps and sense a range of ambient factors - including noise levels. Facilisight will now record and track ambient sound at each thermostat location.

Energy Insight works with MN Power to identify energy savings opportunities and perform calculations of efficiency measures that MN Power uses to rebate its customers.

More and more communities are realizing that smart building technologies are now within reach to help them lower operating costs across energy consumption and maintenance service costs, too. The City of Warren, MN, is working to be a #SmartCity too, with a recent installation. And, they're getting valuable insights with data dashboards confirming the status of HVAC equipment performance and efficiency, plus building and zone temperatures and air quality to assure ideal inside environments, no matter what Minnesota's range of weather patterns throw their way.  

Smart Buildings are a smart investment for Smart Cities. Check how connected buildings offer greater value for property owners. private or public:


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