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Video: How Smart Buildings Benefit Everyone

Aug 6, 2018 4:22:20 PM

Is your building working for you?

Smart Buildings reduce expenses and increase the value of your building. But the benefits don't just stop there. In fact, many of the advantages of a smart building can be felt by everyone involved from, the building owner all the way down to the occupant. 

 Owners and Investors  

According to research conducted by BOMA, owners and investors can increase their property value up to 25 times for every dollar saved in operational expenses. This can be done by quickly adding affordable amenities that differentiate your property and to help stage for sale or attract prospective tenants. A smart building automation solution adds sensing and monitoring for remote management, in addition to comfort and efficiency. 

Designers & Builders  

Whether it is part of a new build or a renovation, smart building systems offer opportunities for reduced equipment costs, minimal wiring for fast installation, and greater environmental design control.  
So you can create an inviting environment that works for your tenants' and adapts to their changing workflows and demands. 

Asset Managers  

In addition to the money you're saving from expenses and energy, smart buildings can get a lot smarter and become proactive with data visualization into the performance of the equipment and the status of the facility and its related components.  


Brokers can also benefit from attractive and differentiated properties. Smart buildings can attract eager buyers or leasers and facilitate speedy sales, 2 points that will for sure close the deal.  

Property Managers/ Facility Managers 

They will gain valuable insights. They'll be able to monitor across properties and see data all the way down to floor-, zone-, and equipment levels. You can see how balanced your building is and determine if the heat pumps are performing at their best, minimizing emergency maintenance costs.  

Mechanical Services 

Mechanical Services can deliver quicker installation and configuration, without programming or the involvement of controls specialists, making sure your business stays competitive and in control.

Tenant Executives & HR Professionals 

Tenant executive and HR professional can attract new talent and advertise their buildings as a "Best Place to Workbecause they promote comfort in a green, sustainable environment. In addition to energy savings and providing a WELL building workplaceyou can help reduced absences and turnoversand increase employee productivity.

Tenant Occupants  

In a smart building, healthy and productive employees feel great in their personal space, as it can be controlled through a mobile app for lighting and temperature. Tenants can provide feedback to the facility managers about their issues as they arise. When your employees are comfortable, they are 2 times more productive. 

A smart building empowers everyone from the owners of the building to the tenants that occupy them. When everyone is happy in their space, productivity and quality of life tend to improve, as well. Your building should be working for you. 

Smart buildings not only benefit the people they serve but also reduce our footprint on the outdoor environment. Let's partner together to create a more sustainable world one building at a time.  


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Kelly Huang

Written by Kelly Huang


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