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How Smart Building Technology Can Benefit Everyone - from Owners to Occupants

Jul 13, 2018 4:39:21 PM

How Smart Building Technology Can Benefit Everyone

How Smart Building Technology Can Benefit Everyone

Smart building technology is quickly being adopted by property owners and investors alike. In many cases, this move is a reaction to a need or a problem that their tenants may be experiencing. To many, this may seem like a one-sided benefit where tenant improvements are at the expense of the owner. However, smart building technologies tend to benefit more than just the end user as many building automation systems allow owners, facility/property managers, and mechanical technicians to be proactive, rather than reactive, many times saving on operational expenses (OpEx) along the way. 

So who else gets to reap the benefits of smart building technology?

Owners & Investors

Owners and Investors can gain up to 25x increased property value for OpEx reductions, adding quick and affordable differentiated building amenities that attract and retain tenants and help stage for sale. Plus, their building feature performance-optimized equipment, with lower TCA and TCO.

A&E and Developers

A&E and Developers, whether in new build or renovation, smart building systems offer opportunities for reduced equipment (due to efficiency), minimal wiring (wireless communications) greater environmental design control and improved occupant experiences and workflows.

Asset Managers

Asset Managers managing physical property assets can get a lot smarter, with data visualization on lowered expenses and high value per square, across the portfolio.


Brokers benefit from attractive and differentiated smart properties which improve marketability, showing well, offering energy savings, engaging prospective tenants and facilitating speedy sales.

Property Managers

Property Managers gain cross-portfolio monitoring and management (RMM) capabilities, down to the building, floor, zone and individual equipment performance level.

 Facility Managers

Facility Managers get Web and mobile access, with monitoring and controls, the ability to coordinate repairs, minimize emergency truck rolls, and deliver smarter service and predictive maintenance based upon insights.

 Mechanical Services

Mechanical Services can deliver quicker installation and configuration, without programming or on involving controls specialists, staying competitive and in control.

 Tenant Executives & HR Professionals

Tenant Executives & HR Professionals offer great places to work, in addition to energy savings, comfortable workspace, reduced absences and turnover, healthy and productive employees, and a stronger employment brand. 

 Tenant Occupants

Tenant Occupants get comfortable, healthy environments catered to their preferences, plus smart tools to control temperature and lighting right from their mobile phone. Create the optimal Occupant Experience

Interested in how 75F's smart building technology can increase your commercial property value, delight your occupants and cut your operating expenses? Download the Smart Buildings Boost Portfolio Value eBook to learn more!



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