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How Smart Building Systems Help to Monitor, Control and Manage Multiple Buildings

Sep 19, 2018 12:59:52 PM

How Smart Building Systems Help to Monitor, Control and Manage Multiple BuildingsLooking for a little help controlling multiple buildings at once? You're not alone. When several of your buildings don't even share the same zip code, it can be quite challenging, especially if they do not share the same exact BAS and HVAC systems. 

However, smart building technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) are making multi-site management easier than ever with the use of building automation solutions and cloud computing. And, even with different building and equipment types, you can gain data, visibility, insights and controls to improve both building performance and your site portfolio management. Take a look at how smart building technology can help you manage multiple buildings at once!

Monitor and Control Multiple Buildings Remotely

Whether you manage a portfolio of 1,000’s of properties or a handful of select sites, the remote monitoring and management capabilities of smart building systems give you single-pane-of-glass visibility. View and control from your web browser or mobile phone, with the ability to drill down to the building, floor, zone and equipment levels for live data feeds and status. As a facility manager, this saves time, hassle, and money as you're able to identify issues from wherever you are.

Floor-by-Floor, Room-by-Room Zone Monitoring and Control via 75F Facilisight

Reduce Maintenance Costs and Truck Rolls

When you consider the hard costs and opportunity costs for travel to sites or ordering service truck rolls to manually assess facility performance and issues, it can get quite costly. With remote monitoring and control capabilities, you can sense and see early signals of issues in your facilities and even plan predictive maintenance, sending trucks only when needed….and equipped with knowledge and parts for an efficient visit.


Zone Level Data & Individual Occupant Feedback

Optimize the Occupant Experience across your sites. Gain visibility and real-time data on the status of everything from occupancy and utilization to energy efficiency and zone-by-zone temperature, air quality, lighting and sound levels, and occupancy.

Smart Stat Data

You can even equip occupants with the 75F® Occupant App™ with the ability to rate the comfort and share images and comments about their environment. 

The 75F Occupant App Feedback Screen

Manage Multiple Systems on One, Simple Platform

You likely have a mix of building profiles in your portfolio. And within any one location, you may have a combination of HVAC systems installed, including different topologies, brands and models. Until now, you were forced to work within silos of these systems, or you faced an expensive and resource-intensive investment to try to piece together these systems with custom programming and specialist involvement. Today, you can retrofit sensors and controllers within that Frankenstein mix of systems and get a beautifully integrated view of current status, energy use, zone and equipment drill-downs, and more. In addition to that, you can add efficiencies and extend the lifespan of aging HVAC equipment, reducing OpEx and deferring capital equipment investments.

Gain Benchmarking and Analysis Insights

Start with at-a-glance color-coded status views and high-level dashboards, running "out of the box". Gain multi-site visibility and insights on gas and electric energy consumption, intensity and costs with 75F® Portfolio Energy Manager™Compare across sites visually to identify patterns and anomalies in your buildings' energy use and costs. Rank sites by kWh usage and cost PSF. A benchmarking dashboard helps compare to other sites. Identify maximum and minimum energy usage and times; use this energy data to identify peak demand spikes and support peak load shaving strategies.

Portfolio Energy Manager

Enhance Your Facility Monitoring and Management Capabilities for Proactive Support

Remote monitoring and management capabilities are at your fingertips with 75F Facilisight web and mobile access. Live real-time status of your facility helps you understand the environment, occupants and equipment. Set alerts to be delivered based upon thresholds you define around building and zone limits. You can also choose to have 75F monitor and escalate issues, as well as provide regular reports on your buildings' performance. 

Proactive Support MonitoringNeed help controlling multiple buildings? Download our Smart Buildings eBook to learn how a building automation solution can increase your operational efficiency!



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