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How Mobile Monitoring of Your HVAC System Can Save You Money

Jun 16, 2017 9:40:13 AM

Do you have a smartphone? Of course, you do. An iPad or another type of tablet computer? These devices put things like email, navigation, weather forecasts, social media, internal business platforms and much more at your fingertips.

Think about all the time that saves and how much more productive you can be when you're able to manage business and personal items on the move.

Now, there is a way to manage your HVAC system and building automation system on a mobile device from anywhere in the world. You can even do it across a vast portfolio of buildings.

Mobile monitoring for your building controls platform 

The Smart HVAC Solution Uses Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things

Mobile monitoring of your commercial building's smart HVAC and lighting systems will save you considerable time and money with the following features:

  1. Seamless management — Manage your building lighting, heating and cooling in one application.
  2. Visibility  Gain real-time visibility to heatmaps of all zones in all buildings you manage across your portfolio.
  3. Integrated, easily editable scheduling  Schedule your building lighting, heating and cooling down to 15-minute increments and integrate with your preferred calendar application.
  4. Real-time data  View energy savings and thermal loads anytime, anywhere.
  5. Real-time performance evaluation  Gain insight into equipment performance, which can help predict failures and verify service actions before they become truck rolls.
  6. Machine learning  Enabled by big data collection through an Internet of Things setup and cloud computing, the system can self-adjust for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
  7. Google Maps building location integration  View summaries of each building location at your fingertips. 
See how 75F can help you save money through Facilisight, our proprietary mobile-monitoring solution.

75F Facilisight - smartphone and laptop images

Facilisight, the 75F suite of web and mobile apps, allows you to combine smart HVAC and advanced lighting controls in one portal for visibility and management of all your sites across one easy-to-use platform, which is compatible with all iOS and Android devices. 

You can schedule lighting, heating and cooling down to 15-minute increments. The Facilisight app enables seamless coordination of daily schedules according to your unique business needs, and you can make adjustments on the fly from anywhere in the world.

Your system adjusts when the building is occupied and when it is empty, according to scheduled operating hours that can vary by zone. Through machine learning and by incorporating the local weather forecast, your system will adjust accordingly to maximize energy efficiency in preparation for the next day. You will be able to simply push complex schedules to hundreds of locations across a portfolio integrated with Google Maps.

Facilisight Advanced Lighting Scheduling Screenshot

Facilisight gives you live feed visibility to all zones in your building, using real-time data to produce a heatmap laid over your actual building layout with customizable labeling. This allows you gain insight on how your building absorbs and distributes thermal loads. You can click on any zone for a detailed analysis of each specific space in your building.

75F Facilisight heatmap over building layout

Across the entire platform, you can create data breakdowns of myriad inputs for every zone, giving you clear understanding of your energy use, energy efficiency, energy savings and much more.

You receive alerts when something isn't right. In most cases, Facilisight's real-time performance evaluations provide visibility to controlled equipment performance, which enables predictability, remote issue resolution and fewer truck rolls from service technicians.



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