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MapleTree saves energy and improves comfort with 75F Solution

May 10, 2019 2:01:47 AM


MapleTree Investments Pte Ltd owns and manages S$46.3 billions worth of office, logistics, industrial, residential and other properties. With offices in Japan, India, Malaysia, US, UK and more, MapleTree is known for developing award-winning world-class real estate solutions. Their 13-acre Global Technology Park in Bangalore is a fine example of this and MapleTree has its own office within this Tech Park.

MapleTree’s facilities team faced issues with hot and cold spots which were causing discomfort to employees. MapleTree was looking out for a solution to this problem and a HVAC and Lighting solution that would help their facilities team work more efficiently.

75F’s skilled experts conducted a thorough survey of the facility to identify the problems and came up with a custom solution that would tackle it. The survey results showed that there were airflow imbalances at the site that were causing the hot and cold spots that made the occupants uncomfortable. Energy was also being wasted by cooling unoccupied areas and a lack of visibility which meant no monitoring and control of HVAC and Lighting energy consumption.

Saving Energy While Improving Comfort and Productivity

By deploying 75F's Dynamic Airflow Balancing Solution, Dynamic Chilled Water Balancing Solution, Advanced Lighting Solution and Facilisight, our suite of web and mobile apps that offer remote control and visibility, MapleTree benefited from over 19.5% savings on the HVAC and Lighting energy bills each month! Through these solutions, 75F offered the MapleTree team complete visibility and control over their temperatures, humidity, CO2, comfort index and energy consumption.

There are no more complaints from occupants about temperature imbalances either. These results were achieved by:


  • Controlling the chilled water flow using actuators to drive energy savings and ensure set-point temperatures are always maintained.
  • By collecting data from our sensors which is then analysed by our smart algorithms in the Cloud, based on which proactive adjustments are made throughout the day to regulate temperature.
  • Taking into consideration various factors including weather forecasts and occupancy patterns to adjust lighting, ensuring the lux levels are always optimal and MapleTree saves on energy during unoccupied hours

Added Benefits


With the complete automation of the entire HVAC and Lighting system, MapleTree has also benefited from a marked improvement in operational efficiency. The facility management team can control, monitor and operate the system through the 75F Facilisight which also provides actionable and easy to understand insights on energy usage etc. With the 75F solution in place, diagnostics is as simple as a touch of a button on their mobile phone and everyday control and monitoring is easy and convenient.

Mr. Ganesh Kambaru, Associate Director – Facilities at MapleTree says, “One benefit that has truly made our lives simpler is Facilisight. I can look up and control all aspects of my facility right from my mobile phone.”

75F ensured that both facility managers and occupants enjoy efficiency and comfort with our award-winning unique approach to HVAC and Lighting.

Download our MapleTree Case Study for more details!

 Download the MapleTree Case Study


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