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Energy Savings Are In & 75F Rolls Out Smart HVAC Solution

Feb 24, 2017 11:46:42 AM

75F, the predictive and proactive analytics cloud-based software platform designed to optimize HVAC and lighting, is rolling out to 34 Rockler Retail locations across the nation and upwards of 20 Border Foods locations.

MINNEAPOLIS, Feb. 24, 2017 - Rockler Woodworking and Hardware piloted the 75F Outside Air Optimization solution in their Maplewood, MN store to reduce energy usage. When the data proved 32% energy savings, Rockler determined the sustainable clean tech building automation solution was the perfect fit. The added benefits of remote monitoring, scheduling and visibility reinforced the decision to expand from coast to coast. The business also included lighting controls in their retail rollout, saving additional money and further contributing to their bottom line.

"The 1 year payback is a no-brainer. Our Maplewood store study documenting 32% savings was confirmed by subsequent utility bill reductions."

— Dave L., Rockler's CFO

Deepinder Singh, CEO of 75F

Rockler's Director of Store Planning, Glenn S. elaborates, "Our guest experience has improved and we're saving energy, temperatures are uniform and comfortable." Read the Rockler Retail Case Study.

Meanwhile, Border Foods, a franchisee of Taco Bell, saw a dramatic improvement in their restaurant's temperature imbalances as soon as the 75F system was installed. "Our kitchen employees noticed an immediate improvement in temperature and comfort. We have never felt this good," said store manager, Naomi H. To prove the point, Border Foods authorized a short test where the 75F balancing activity was briefly suspended so they could observe what conditions were like with the previous static balancing equipment. Within minutes, the old heat islands shot up in the kitchen and the imbalance rose 10 degrees before the test was concluded.

The Border Foods Case Study highlights the added benefits of the proprietary analytics dashboard, depicting how 75F keeps guests comfortable while saving energy. "The 75F system addresses a major issue in small footprint facilities in an easy to install and cost-effective way," declares Border Foods Manager of Facilities, Brian D.

After winning three awards for energy, clean tech and innovation last year alone, 75F is disrupting the building automation systems (BAS) industry. Recently named one of Memoori's Top 15 Startups to Watch in 2017, learn more about 75F's smart HVAC controls by visiting 75f.io.

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Kristen Johnson

Written by Kristen Johnson

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