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Does 75F Work with my Current HVAC System?

Apr 12, 2017 3:22:20 PM

Yes, 75F works flawlessly right alongside your current HVAC equipment. 75F is a buildings control upgrade and a building automation system. We believe that utilizing the equipment in place is the greenest and most cost-effective solution. Why replace something if it isn’t broke, right? Think of our system like adding a commercial version of a NEST thermostat to your restaurant, office, retail or industrial building.

75F Smart HVAC Solution Installed in the Reserve Office Space

Our primary goal is to optimize your existing equipment to be the most efficient without replacement. You can also think of your existing HVAC system like a camera and even if your camera isn’t the latest edition, it still functions. Now in this scenario, 75F is the camera lens needed to get the precision focus and granularity that you’re seeking. So while the camera works fine on its own, who doesn’t want a high-tech lens that shows you exactly what’s happening in great detail from any angle?


When the predictive 75F solution is implemented, existing rooftop units (RTUs) and ductwork remain intact, keeping installation costs low. We often install in spaces and buildings that are challenged to maintain temperatures with their existing equipment. Restaurants often deal with exhaust issues and hot kitchens, while offices often desire putting an end to the dreaded thermostat war. Between our Outside Air Optimization (OAO) and Dynamic Airflow Balancing (DAB) solutions, we make the space significantly more comfortable and use less energy through HVAC optimization.

Smart Damper Spec'd In & Installed within Ductwork as an Office Space is Being Built

Learn How We Make Your Building Intelligent

Kristen Johnson

Written by Kristen Johnson

Learn How We Make Your Building Intelligent

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