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City of Warren, MN, Leads Building Benchmarking Effort, Starting with City Hall

May 15, 2018 1:31:17 PM

The City of Warren, MN, in the northwest corner of the state, is leading a B3 Benchmarking effort around public facility energy efficiency, and 75F is helping. Warren received one of 39 CERTS seed-grants in 2018 for their benchmarking of public buildings. With help from CERTS, Warren selected 75F building intelligence solutions to equip them with sensing and rich data available in 75F Facilisight software through Web or mobile app. They were also keen on the 75F system's quick install and commissioning, which was installed by the City electrician with on-site training from 75F.


Warren Minnesota

Clean Energy Resource Team Awards City of Warren Seed Grant

City of Warren: Benchmarking for Public Buildings

Warren, MN – Because the City of Warren owns and operates its own electric utility rather than using an outside utility provider, the city has unrestricted access to monitor its energy usage data to assist with its benchmarking efforts to track building energy usage. As a result, this makes the City of Warren’s Public Municipalities a viable candidate for either interval data benchmarking using one of two vendors or to have a custom program application be created to best track energy usage and meet benchmarking expectations. ($3,500)

The City of Warren was also recently honored with the 2018 Clean Energy Community Award for the development of an automated benchmarking program that will initially track utility usage of its buildings in B3 Benchmarking, with the potential to expand to private commercial buildings and residential households. 

The city chose 75F to meet efficiency measures and financial payback guidelines. For cities with medium to small buildings, 75F may be the only way controls can be financially viable to implement such recommended measures.

75F is thrilled to be selected by the City of Warren, in their efforts to improve the efficiency and sustainability of their buildings. In addition to energy savings, the city is also creating a healthy, comfortable working and living environment for their employees and citizens. Now, that's a #SmartCity. 

Smart Buildings are also a smart investment for municipal and commercial real estate, as they decrease operation expenses, increase property value and create optimal occupant experiences. Check out the ebook: Smart Buildings Boost Portfolio Value. 



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