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We Shut Off the 75F Smart HVAC System – Here Were the Results

Apr 24, 2017 7:33:42 PM

75F – a smart HVAC system – has been making a splash among Facility Managers for its dramatic results. Restauranteurs, office managers and retail partners find that our predictive solution saves them energy and creates a more comfortable environment for their customers and employees. As our partners will testify, the difference is night and day.

It's shocking to see how inefficient traditional thermostats can be. To prove the point, we shut off the 75F system to see what would happen.

Border Foods, one of the largest Taco Bell franchisees in the nation, installed the 75F system in their Richfield, Minnesota location to solve temperature imbalances in their kitchen. Previously, their traditional thermostat system was causing heat islands, leading to an uncomfortable experience for employees and customers alike.

After installing the 75F smart solution, within 24 hours the kitchen staff noticed immediate relief. Temperatures leveled out between the front and back of the kitchen to create a uniform, comfortable environment. The dining area also leveled out so that morning and evening diners did not have to choose between east and west facing tables.

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 3.51.49 PM.png
Just to prove the point, Border Foods authorized a short test where 75F balancing activity was briefly suspended so they could observe what conditions were like with the previous traditional thermostat. Within minutes, heat islands shot up in the kitchen. The temperature imbalance rose 10˚F before the test was concluded!



We see these results again and again when our smart thermostat system is installed. The below graph is a cooling efficiency study we did for one of our Minnesota partners. We conducted this study for two weeks in the fall of 2016. The red line represents the energy (kWh) needed to cool the store using the existing thermostat. The green line represents the energy needed using our smart thermostat system using Outside Air Optimization – our easiest-to-install solution, which can be retrofitted to existing rooftop units.

 75F Cooling Efficiency Study.png

The desired temperatures and the cooling schedule were kept consistent between the two tests. The final result was 32% energy savings, thanks to one smart solution. 

Smart thermostat solutions have benefits that go beyond savings. An intelligent system dramatically increases comfort as well. Our Dynamic Airflow Balancing solution involves temperature zoning, so that each room in a building can be precisely controlled. The following graph shows a Minnesota building before and after our smart HVAC solution was installed, with green representing the areas that matched the desired temperature, blue representing areas that were too cold cold and yellow representing areas that were too warm.


Before our smart thermostat solution was installed, the actual temperature was often at least 5˚F hotter or cooler than the desired temperature. But after installing Dynamic Airflow Balancing, the entire building enjoyed even temperatures, providing a better indoor experience. The comfort level of a building has a dramatic impact on overall business success, affecting work efficiency, productivity of employees and more profitable customers.

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