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Case Study: India's 4th largest IT company saved over 55% on energy with 75F

Jan 27, 2019 4:36:22 PM

LTI saves 55% energy with 75F system

Larsen & Toubro Infotech (LTI) is a world leader in the IT industry with an annual revenue of over $1Bn. When they decided to take that extra step towards becoming energy efficient, LTI chose to partner with 75F to achieve this goal. Energy efficiency in LTI's large offices could greatly impact energy savings and result in a reduced carbon footprint. With over 25,000 employees, their strong commitment towards sustainability was backed by their efforts to provide a comfortable working environment for their employees.

The Problem:         

Due to the lack of automation, the facilities team at LTI Bengaluru was faced with hot/cold spots, inefficient lighting and a high number of complaints from employees. Hot/cold spots and fluctuations in temperature and lighting can affect the occupant experience to a great extent. A study conducted by IIM Ahmedabad shows that employee productivity could be enhanced by up to 12% by improving the thermal comfort at the workplace! The study also recommends that companies use eco-friendly measures for cooling solutions.

Temperature and ProductivitySource: LBNL Study: : Effect of Temperature on Task Performance in Office Environment, 2015

75F’s intelligent and proactive solutions ensure you give back to the earth by saving up to 50% of energy while ensuring perfect temperatures and lighting to improve employee comfort and productivity. With intelligent sensors that can measure everything from temperature, lux levels, CO2 levels, VOC's and humidity, the solution ensures that your building works for you.

The 75F Solution:

LTI required a solution that would solve the above problems to improve occupant experience and at the same time help improve energy efficiency. After a thorough site survey and a successful pilot, the 75F team saw potential to save substantial amounts of energy via predictive, proactive automation of LTI’s HVAC and Lighting systems. The 75F team installed the Dynamic Chilled Water Balancing Solution, Energy Management Solution and our Advanced Lighting Solution at the site. Facilisight, 75F’s suite of web and mobile apps, was also included to give the facilities team easy remote management and control of the facility.

How does it work?

From a comprehensive site survey, 75F’s skilled engineers concluded that the ideal solutions for the LTI facility in Bengaluru were 75F’s Dynamic Chilled Water Balancing and Advanced Lighting Solutions. Dynamic Chilled Water Balancing or DCWB as it is referred to, is an end-to-end solution that maintains comfort by using less chilled water and saving more energy. 75F's intelligent sensors allow the FM team to monitor the inlet and outlet temperatures, chilled water flow rates and BTU energy consumption anytime from their mobile, desktop or tablet. With access to these readings, the system’s functioning can be moderated as required, thereby saving energy while maintaining comfort for the occupants.

For large facilities like LTI’s, it is important to monitor lighting as well. 75F’s Advanced Lighting System does more than just turning lights on or off; it controls the lights based on multiple factors within and outside the building such as weather forecasts, geographical location of the building and other real-time inputs such as occupancy, scheduling and user preferences. Artificial lighting consumes a significant part of a commercial building’s total energy expenditure and the 75F lighting system ensures that significant energy savings are achieved through lighting management.  

Screenshot 2018-11-23 10.25.42

Also included with these solutions was 75F's suite of web-based and mobile apps, Facilisight that make multi-site visibility and remote control and management accessible and easy. Besides these advantages, Facilisight also gave the FM team at LTI the power to control their building with a single click.

The Result

Mr Kishore Kumar, Sr. Facility Manager at LTI says, “With 75F’s solution, we gained energy savings of over 55%, as well as manpower savings. Thanks to 75F Facilisight, we are able to manage the facility at the click of the button and I can allocate resources to other maintenance activities.”

The facilities team also reported a marked improvement in operational efficiency. Intelligent automation and Remote Manageability have resulted in a considerable reduction in employee complaints so the FM team is able to allocate their time and resources to other maintenance activities. At the same time, LTI’s employees are happier, as thanks to the predictive power of 75F’s algorithms, there are no more uncomfortable hot/cold spots in the facility.

The LTI team, delighted with the results have decided to continue working with 75F for a series of roll-outs, starting with their Chennai facility.

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