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Case Study: Co-Working Space Improves Occupant Experience & Operational Efficiency Through Building Automation

Jan 2, 2019 12:17:21 PM

When they decided to open their third location in the Twin Cities metro area, The Reserve, a premiere suburban co-working space, wanted their newest tenants to enjoy the same zone-controlled experience they offer in Woodbury and Edina. After deploying 75F in their first two locations, and seeing how efficiently the buildings were operating, the choice was clear to partner with 75F, once again, for an accessible, affordable building automation system.

Watch the video to learn why The Reserve's Chief Operating Officer, Mary Bartlett, sees 75F as an operational advantage and puts her business in a position to succeed!


"75F allows me to have building flexibility - the same way that I allow flexibility for small businesses." 

The Reserve Co-Working Space's 59 Zone Heat Map

In the Roseville location, 75F® Dynamic Airflow Balancing™ was implemented across 59 zones by the local mechanical contractor, Wenzel Mechanical. The Roseville facility owns 4 rooftop units, each requiring its own Central Control Unit (CCU). The Dynamic Airflow Balancing package also includes individual zone sensors that record and report temperature and humidity levels every 60 seconds. Then, proprietary algorithms analyze and combine the sensor data with local weather forecasts in order to send the optimal control strategy to the Central Control Unit, which sends instructions to incrementally move smart dampers a few degrees at a time, creating even temperatures throughout the building. The system creates a continuous dialog with The Reserve's RTUs, ensuring they work together to reduce energy usage, while improving the occupant experience. 

About The Reserve: The Reserve is the Twin Cities premiere suburban co-working space. They offer a network of highly accessible locations for small businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs who really want to work productively and professionally. 

"I guarantee you that when we find that next location, we'll be partnering with 75F."

To learn how your commercial real estate building can benefit from a building automation system like The Reserve, download The Reserve case study today!


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