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Case Study: Amazing Lash Studio Manages Customer Comfort & Zone Control with Ease

Sep 28, 2018 2:26:22 PM

75F Solution installed at Amazing Lash Studio

Amazing Lash Studio is a fast-growing, premium eyelash extension salon franchise. When they expanded into two new Minnesota locations, they needed an HVAC controls company who could overcome specific challenges. First, they needed zone control for their indoor environment. Since Amazing Lash offers a premium experience, occupant comfort is a top priority. The temperature in each salon room needed to be controlled individually – as well as the temperatures in each hallway, lobby, and office. One of the new locations had another challenge: large windows in the lobby were creating "solar gain", causing major temperature swings which needed to be balanced. Finally, humidity control was required for product performance. “We have an adhesive that we put on every single lash,” explains Patty C., a franchise owner in Minneapolis. “The glue only sticks at a specific humidity.”

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Initially, Amazing Lash considered the major carriers for controls – but found the zoning options from traditional HVAC suppliers to be expensive and lacking ease and flexibility in refinement and customization. Then, Amazing Lash found 75F. The solution offered significantly lower operational and installation costs, and offered features beyond major carriers – so the system was specced into design plans. “The installation process was simple,” explains Patty. “75F was really great about contacting us, walking us through steps, making sure we understood exactly what the system entailed.”

The light filled lobby at Amazing Lash in MinneapolisDynamic Airflow Balancing







Adjusting to Solar Gain in the Lobby

During the morning and mid-day hours, they were causing a lot of solar gain. To fix the problem, the 75F system automatically closes the dampers in the cooler back rooms during mid-day, and focuses airflow to the lobby area to compete against solar gain. Not only does this keep temperatures consistent, it also provides free cooling. We call it Dynamic Airflow Balancing, and it’s one of our unique solutions.

The 75F® Facilisight® suite of web and mobile apps providing insight into temperature control at Amazing Lash 

Delivering  Individual Zone Temperature and Humidity Control for Customer Comfort and Product Performance

In addition, Amazing Lash implemented the 75F® Dynamic Airflow Balancing™ solution with the 75F® Smart Node™ – a multi-purpose terminal equipment controller – and the 75F® Remote Temperature & Humidity Sensor™ (RTH). The Smart Node and RTH communicate and work to continually monitor and control both the temperature and the humidity for each of the zones at Amazing Lash. Predictive algorithms mean that the system is always working to keep temperatures comfortable and to optimize energy usage. Zone control is as easy as tapping a button to control the temperature. “Within minutes, it’s back to the temperature we’re looking for,” Patty says.

Studio at Amazing Lash benefitting from 75F zone and temperature controlRemotely controlling HVAC temperature with75F® Facilisight®, our suite of web and mobile apps


Another benefit to the system? You can control it anywhere. “I’m really excited that I have a mobile app,” Patty says. “If anyone is at the studio having trouble, we can actually get insights and control the system from home.” 75F® Facilisight® is included in all solutions, and makes operating multiple locations easy, from any Web browser or mobile phone.

Amazing Lash plans to continue working with 75F for a series of retrofits and national rollouts. Our innovative technology has dramatically lowered the install costs for HVAC zoned systems. Ease of installation by contractor and simple setup made the 75F system a standout choice for Amazing Lash. Dramatically increased comfort and lower operating costs have provided an improved brand experience for customers and franchisee owners alike.

Interested in learning more about our work with Amazing Lash and retail businesses? Download the Amazing Lash case study!

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