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Big Engagements with Daikin at AHR 2018 HVAC  Controls Show

Jan 31, 2018 11:56:39 AM

75F made a splash at AHR Expo 2018, working with Daikin to debut Intelligent Solutions Powered By 75F. AHR is THE largest event for the heating venting air conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR) market. The show is produced by American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).

It's easy to get lost amid the sea of 2000+ booths, signs and equipment throughout McCormick Center; but, many of the 70,000+ attendees still found their way to Daikin's booth to explore Daikin solutions, including Intelligent Solutions Powered By 75F.

Intelligent Solutions Powered by 75F

Daikin Intelligent Solutions powered by 75F w booth 5530 for AHR.pngDaikin and 75F are working together to offer the market the best of both worlds, with quickly-deployed Building Intelligence and automation, flexible enough to manage building automation across a wide range of HVAC equipment systems and lighting, informed by equipment profiles and diagnostic capabilities, and backed with unprecedented service and channel representation. Daikin is the leading global brand in HVAC, with solutions across chillers, air handlers, Rooftop Systems/ RTUs (including the popular Rebel® Cooling & Heat Pump), VRV multi-split type air conditioners, VAV terminal units, fan coils and more.

Daikin Intelligent Solutions™ infuse factory know-how at the unit and system level to improve decision-making, installation, performance, and profitability for HVAC equipment, managers and businesses. The intelligence comes from a combination of computing power, integrated hardware and software, networked systems connecting machines to each other or to the internet, to dramatically improve the customer experience with factory know-how. Daikin Intelligent Equipment gives you unprecedented visibility into your HVAC units. For less than it costs to run a smartphone, system operators and authorized technicians gain direct access to 150 data points on a Daikin rooftop or air-cooled chiller, in real time.


Daikin featured an in-booth theater with educational sessions, including Daikin Intelligent Solutions and presentations from 75F CEO Deepinder Singh on Intelligent Solutions powered by 75F. Daikin also hosted "Daikin LIVE: On the Air from AHR" with interviews and a tour of Daikin solutions from Daikin Applied Americas and Daikin North America. Some solution highlights include the Daikin Rebel, VRV and of course Intelligent Solutions.

We were thrilled with the interest and engagement at the booth, with Daikin executive and sales teams, with channel representatives, engineers, mechanical contractors, industry media, some very curious OEMs and controls companies, and other stakeholders in building comfort, air quality and management.

75F Building Automation So Easy - Daikin IS Powered By 75F cover image.png

75F handed out cards that reinforced the ease of controls deployment with "Building Automation So Easy, 8-Year-Olds Can Do It" (See the Cyprus Classical Academy 75F installation). We displayed portions our 75F oververiew video and provided hands-on product demos of our vertically-integrated suite of building intelligence solutions. 

75F Building Automation Equipment Demo

75F  booth demo board + media interview in back.jpg

A couple heros in the product demos at the booth:

    • The 75® Smart Node™ Equipment Controller, a first-of-its-kind product design combining onboard OLED display, eleven I/O interface ports, daisy-chained 24V power, wireless-mesh networking, and software-defined hardware capabilities. The Smart Node is part of 75F's vertically-integrated suite of smart building products for HVAC and lighting automation, delivering energy-efficiency, indoor air quality and healthy, comfortable indoor environments. 
75F Smart Node Equipment Controller - front med 1920x1080 3.9MB copy.png
  • The 75F® Occupant App™ creates the ultimate tailored user experience for indoor environments, giving individuals temperature and lighting controls to get into their zone. Maximize employee comfort and productivity, empower users, and includes ratings for voice-of-the-occupant feedback. Geofencing can anticipate arrival and pre-condition space to meet individual preferences. Vacation schedule saves energy when zones are unoccupied.
    75F Occupant App Gives Users Control of Zone Temperature and Lighting - photo2.png

For more on 75F partnering with Daikin, check out Daikin's Top 5 Industry Disruptors blog post featuring 75F and recapping the Daikin Group Sales Meeting #DGSM17, a.k.a. "The Disruption Tour" where 75F CEO Deepinder Singh presented"Disrupting Building Intelligence through IoT & Machine Learning" ( download slides ) and 75F Exhibited with Daikin Intelligent Solutions.

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