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9 Ways Smart Buildings Help Increase Your Commercial Property Value

Jun 13, 2018 11:38:55 AM

9 Ways Smart Buildings Help You Increase Your Commercial Property Value - COmmercial Real Estate Professions Standing in a City High Rise

One of the many keys to success for a building owner is to find new ways to increase the commercial property value. As new tenant services and green initiatives grow as deciding factors for tenants, many building managers and owners are searching for ways to generate more revenue through improvements in the occupant experience and sustainability.

Thankfully, with the introduction of the Internet of Things (IoT), you can achieve these goals with 75F's building automation solutions, all while cutting your HVAC costs by 30-50% and receiving a return on your investment in as little as a year. Pair the cut in operational expenses with an improved occupant experience and you have a smart building that not only works for you and your tenants, but for your revenue, as well!

Here's how you can do it!

9 Ways Smart Buildings Help You Increase Your Commercial Property Value

  1. Higher Lease Rates per Square Foot - Smart building systems can lift property value by as much as 11.8%, adding to your top-line. Higher-value intelligent, connected buildings are increasingly sought out and preferred by savvy commercial office space prospects.
  2.  Increases Long-Term Hold Asset Value - A smart HVAC building automation system can have a positive impact on net present value (NPV), internal rate of return (IRR) and net operating income (NOI).
  3. Appealing Through Differentiation - Only 15% of commercial buildings are smart. Yet, progressive tenants (especially in commercial real estate) seek and value the benefits and controls of smart, connected properties. Smart systems and applications that empower the users are becoming a means to get prospective tenants interested and stick with existing clients.
  4. Staged for the Market - A smart automation system "shows" well when a prospective tenant visits the property. A quick retrofit to your current and vacant properties provide a fast, intriguing enhancement that can set your building apart from the rest. During a showing for a vacant unoccupied property, use web-based remote scheduling or mobile-app geofencing-based pre-conditioning to make that first visit comfortable and inviting.
  5. Attracts + Retains Tenants - Smart, connected buildings, with sensors measuring indoor environment quality  and applications that empower the users are becoming a means to generate interest from prospective tenants and to stay sticky with existing clients.
  6. Management + Tenant Delight - Creating the “Occupant Experience” is a huge opportunity for landlords to give management remote insights, save energy and end the “Thermostat Wars”, while boosting health and productivity with higher indoor air quality (IAQ) and comfort. You can also give them control over their zones, plus a channel for voice-of-the-occupant feedback on the indoor environment conditions with an Occupant App.
  7. Higher Return TI Investment - Adding more-lasting and differentiated value than fresh paint and carpet, building automation systems will become a brag-able piece of the tenant's experience.  
  8. Higher Return CAM & TI Investments - Investments in building automation systems can offer uncommon value for common area maintenance (CAM) and Tennant Improvement (TI) budget management, while improving the indoor air quality.
  9. Green Value in Sustainability- Green buildings have ever-increasing attention and value in the market, supporting corporate citizenship and triple-bottom line performance for profit, people and the planet too.

Interested in how 75F's automated building control solutions can increase your commercial property value and cut your operating expenses? Download the Smart Buildings Boost Portfolio Value eBook to learn more!



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