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75F Wins Big with Clean Energy Trust for Green, Automated Building Control Solutions

May 24, 2018 3:56:23 PM

CET - Co_Invest CleanTech Winner

Clean Energy Trust (a nonprofit cleantech accelerator) announced to a sold-out crowd at their Co_Invest Cleantech event in Chicago yesterday that 75F had taken home the largest investment for their building control solutions  delivering operational efficiencies, improved productivity and optimal occupant experiences. 75F is one of four new portfolio companies (and the only MN-based company) selected from over 100 applicants; and, the crowd of attendees voted 75F as the People’s Choice.

Clean Energy Trust (CET) awarded 75F with at total of $270,000, representing the largest of four investments in new companies, totaling $700,000. The CO_INVEST Cleantech event  brings entrepreneurs, investors, executives, and students together for a day celebrating a shared belief in the power of entrepreneurs to take on the hardest challenges to sustainable life on the planet. The 75F presentation went over so well, the crowd voted 75F the People's Choice winner, adding $20,000 investment to the already allocated $250,000. The people have spoken!

So why did 75F take home the top prize?

Clean Energy Trust was impressed with 75F's affordable, quick retrofit and user-friendly building control solution for small to medium-sized businesses that helps reduce energy consumption and operational costs. Clean Energy Trust saw the value and potential 75F has to continue disrupting the HVAC and building automation industries by making smart building technology a realistic option with building intelligence in a box for those who couldn't previously afford it. 75F has already earned some big wins with reputable names, such as Mercedes-Benz, JLL, and Intel, as well as a flourishing relationship with the world's #1 air conditioning company, Daikin

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But enough from us, here's what the Clean Energy Trust had to say:

"The 75F building automation technology affords small and medium-sized buildings unprecedented access to sophisticated building controls. By pairing operational efficiency with occupant experience, the IoT network-enabled solution has demonstrated long-term energy savings of 30-50%. Along with a focus on creating healthy, comfortable environments for occupants, this Minnesota-based company wants to make every environment an opportunity to support human wellness." 


The good news is that the benefits don't stop there. In our presentation at the event, Deep (our CEO) called out the payback a business could experience as a result of improved indoor air quality (IAQ). According to a Harvard-produced study, cognitive scores were 101% higher for employees who worked in enhanced green building conditions (with better ventilation than standard buildings).

So how does that measure monetarily?
The Building and Environment Journal discovered that due to a significant increase in cognition and improvements in employee performance could benefit your company to the tune of $6,500 in productivity per office employee, per year! 
In short, 75F's building automation solutions not only help you save money and conserve energy, but they also help you increase property values and employee output, all out of the box.  
Download 9 Tips for Employing IOT in BuildingsCET 75F Welcome to the Family slide  
But we weren't the only big winners, here are the other 3 companies that are now part of the Clean Energy Trust Investment Portfolio:
Sigora International (Chicago, IL) - $200,000

Sigora International provides utility-management systems for the 1.3 billion people in frontier markets without a grid connection. Using a smart meter custom-built for emerging markets, web-managed software, and simple payment solutions, the Sigora platform streamlines bill collection, reduces revenue losses, and deters energy theft. Sigora is the “operating system” for micro-utility business models.

Wellntel (Milwaukee, WI) - $150,000

Groundwater is a critical, but poorly-understood and under-measured resource. Wellntel is a water technology company igniting a groundwater revolution. Wellntel combines patented, next-generation acoustic measurement technology, remote telemetry, and a cloud platform to collect first-of-its-kind groundwater-level measurements from a wide range of private, residential, and commercial wells. The collected data can be used by local and state governments and water-intensive industry to make smarter business and development decisions.

Mobius (Knoxville, TN) - $100,000

Mobius is creating the first usable, entirely bio-based biodegradable plastic. By overcoming a prohibitive technical barrier with support from Oak Ridge National Lab, this high-performance, low-cost plastic replacement material holds enormous potential. The first product for production will be a mulch-film targeted for strawberry, melon, and tomato crops. Their biodegradable solution has the potential to save tons of plastic from winding up in landfills and oceans.


Interested in how the IoT and 75F's automated building control solutions can help you reach your goals? Download the 9 Considerations When Employing IOT white paper to learn more!

Download 9 Tips for Employing IOT in Buildings
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Download 9 Tips for Employing IOT in Buildings

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