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75F vs. Energy Management System

Mar 21, 2017 9:00:00 AM


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75F is a smart building automation system that shares the functions of an Energy Management System, plus a great deal more.

Beyond monitoring, metering and scheduling, 75F makes equipment more efficient by changing the way it operates. It’s like giving your building a brain! The results are big savings and improved comfort. 75F uses cloud computing and smart algorithms to predict loads and proactively control HVAC equipment and lighting. Savings can add up to 30-70% in utility costs.

How does it work? 75F collects hundreds of data points (including local weather) every minute to build an historical model of the building. Every night, we look at recent history, get a local weather forecast and predict the needs for the next day. It is an almost unfair advantage! This proactive technique is used for all kinds of things such as changing the way air flows throughout a building, the use of outside air for optimum efficiency and indoor air quality! It’s even used to show how hot and cold water is circulated most efficiently. The result is unprecedented energy savings and true comfort.

As you can see, a proactive solution like 75F does more than measure your energy usage. It uses outside air for free cooling, addresses indoor air quality and provides visibility into your HVAC and lighting systems. But most importantly, it optimizes building performance after factoring local weather and user habits. The differences between an Energy Management System and the proactive 75F solution are vast. At 75F, saving energy never felt better. 

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Kelly Huang

Written by Kelly Huang

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