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75F Presents: Energy Efficiency Through Affordable & Accessible Building Automation - Electrification 2018

Aug 30, 2018 12:18:58 PM

At the Electrification 2018 International Conference and Exposition in Long Beach, CA, 75F CEO Deepinder Singh shared news with the audience of utility and energy program leaders that advanced building automation, including sophisticated energy management capabilities, is now available to the majority of buildings who could not previously afford a BAS or EMS. 75F shared that building owners and managers with buildings under 200,000sf now have an affordable building automation option that delivers significant energy savings through sensing and predictive controls of HVAC and lighting, portfolio energy benchmarking and analysis, OpenADR 2.0 automated demand response, daylight harvesting, and other features to help limit peak demand and enhance overall building energy efficiency.

Deep at Electrification 2018

The Electrification 2018 show is created by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), an independent, nonprofit organization for public interest energy and environmental research, focused on electricity generation, delivery. 75F was joined at the event by members of Clean Energy Trust (CET), which recently added 75F to its portfolio of clean energy technology innovators.

75F CEO, Deepinder Singh, Presenting on the JLL Rule of $3$30$300 at Electrification 2018Occupant Experience - Looking at Building Performance Beyond Energy Efficiency

In his presentation, after covering 75F's origin, Deep turned the attention to commercial building investments and ROI, noting the $3/$30/$300 rule by JLL that depicts the average company’s costs for utilities, rent and payroll (all per square foot, per year). This rule highlights that organizations tend to find themselves spending roughly $3 on utilities, $30 on buildings and $300 per-square-foot on employees each year, highlighting that employees are the highest investment inside of the building. This means that efforts towards increasing your employees' productivity have an even bigger financial impact when compared to the inherent energy savings from a building automation solution!Deep at Electrification speaking on the Harvard COGfx Study that found enhanced smart buildings increased occupant cognition by 101

The Harvard COGfx Study proved occupants in an enhanced, green building with lower levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) experienced a 101% increase in cognitive processing, when compared to employees in a standard building. As a result, the cost of poor indoor air quality in a building with standard controls is potentially costing employers $6,500 per office employee each year! 

As a result of this information, many building owners and managers are taking their first steps towards increasing their operational and energy efficiency and improving the occupant experience . Many smart building controls are too expensive to acquire and install. This is one of the biggest reasons why only 15% of buildings in the United States are considered "smart." 

Deep at Electrification 2018 stating that 95% of US buildings are under 200,000 sq. ft.

75F combines the Internet of Things (IoT)cloud computing and machine learning to provide scalable solutions that allow light commercial and mid sized buildings the ability to get smart. 75F makes your building work for you through an affordable, accessible and vertically integrated stack of solutions that work right out of the box. With easy installation and no controls expertise or custom programming required, 75F lowers install time and decreases labor costs, delivering a sophisticated building automation solution at an affordable price while offering: 

75F BAS Advantages at Electrification 2018Looking to increase your energy and operational efficiencies, while improving your occupant experience? Download our free eBook, 'The Energy Management System is Dead,' to learn why outdated EMS controls are costing your building money and why you should invest in predictive systems today! 

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