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75F animal companions are the best work from home assistants...

Mar 19, 2020 8:31:38 AM


While we all continue to take important precautions during the outbreak of COVID-19, we wanted to bring some positivity to everyone by showing our amazing pets assisting us as we work from home! Please feel free to share on your social channels and be safe!


1. I'm Nelly, Bailie Morrow is my mom.

Bailie Morrow-Nelly

2. Max is all snugged, my human is Jacob Miller


3. Jax is relaxed, my human is Brittany Tischer

Brittany Tischer and Jax


4. Sonny and Pudge, our human is Jimmy Fellegy


5. Mylie and Freya, our human is Jen Egeland

Jen Egeland - Mylie_Freya


6. Graham and donut, my human is John Nye

John Nye - Grahams Donut

7. Skip and Church tell their human Josh Purdy when it's feeding time.

Josh Purdy - Skip_Church


8. "Can we stop working now?" -Josie, my humans are Lauren and Bob French

Josie needs a break after keeping up with Bob

9. Royal can't take it anymore, my human is Kelly Huang. Grrr!

Kelly Huang_Growling Royal-1


10. I, Louis, keep my human, Krithika Chandrasekhar busy!

Krithika Chandrasekhar - Louis


11. Xena, my humans include Matt Blount and intern Soren

Matt Blount - Soren and Xena

12. Blue is my name and Matt Mulheran plays my game.

Mully and Blue important phone call

13. Pancho & Fiona reporting for duty! Rachel Haines is our food giver

Rachel- New 75F CMX Agents Pancho & Fiona Haines

14. Justin Bieber, currently not on tour. You can reach my manager Sarah Baker.



15. Remi and Georgia might make Ellie Mitchell go crazy. 

Remi and Georgia


16. Bacon, Yuki, Tesla, Mini and Shaapla Sen to complete the ultimate gang. 

Shaapla with Yuki, Tesla & Mini and Bacon splayed out


17. Don't disturb Ellie, she's taking her zen time seriously. Alissa Sundstedt will have to play with her later.

ASundstedt_ Ellie


18. Hi, I'm Scotty, my humans are all home. Karan, Myra and Gaurav Burman.


19. Jamie is closely helping his human Melissa Baker

Melissa and Jamie on the Ops L10


20. Pete is quietly judging owner Scott Dudgeon waiting to be fed



21. Jet is patiently waiting for afternoon playtime with human Rick Justis

Rick Justis - Jet


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