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75F India won the ASSOCHAM India Services Excellence Award 2018 and we couldn't be happier!

Nov 22, 2018 1:11:49 AM

 ASSOCHAM Services Excellence Award

We are elated to announce that 75F India won the prestigious Services Excellence Award from ASSOCHAM India (The Associated Chambers of Commerce & Industry). The award recognizes and facilitates excellence in providing of services achieved by micro, small and medium enterprises in India.

We’d like to congratulate the whole team that has made this possible and a special shout out to the unsung heroes from our services and support team. We thought we’d make this fun and asked the team what really drives them to continually delight customers and their mantra for success. Here’s what they had to say:

"Customer experience is a constant process.."

The first step to ensuring excellent customer experience is recognizing that customer service does not begin after the installation, but with the first site survey itself. We recognize that customer-experience is a constant process, from the site survey to regular maintenance and servicing. Being a customer-centric company, we try our best to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience for everybody, from the building operators to the technicians. And for this process to be smooth, it is not just the services team, but everybody pitches in to make sure that the process is a pleasant one for the customer. So, it is not just the services and support team working to make our customers happy, but everybody, from the tech team to the sales team.

"75F has a higher degree of remote capability..."

Once the 75F solution is installed in a building, extensive training is provided by our skilled technicians to the facilities team onsite before the handover. And this is something most competitors don’t offer. We ensure that there is no trouble in operating the managing the solution for the customer. This process is certainly made easier with 75F FacilisightTM, a suite of mobile and web-based apps that gives occupants and managers remote control of the systems. Occupants can even share feedback through the 75F Occupant AppTM. 75F has a higher degree of remote capability than competitors as we are able to immediately address any issues through these portals. This results in high ‘mean time to connect’ (MTTC) and ‘mean time to resolve’ (MTTR) scores.

Proactive Support Monitoring

Apart from the web portal, our customers can always get in touch with us through dedicated WhatsApp groups, email or on a toll-free number. They can also raise help tickets on 75F’s customer service platform. Just like our predictive and proactive solution, every effort is made by the team to ensure that the customer service is also proactive through regular C-Sat surveys and preventive maintenance site visits.

Our journey with the customer starts with an extremely high level of understanding into the unique needs and behavior of the building. Further, 75F’s self-optimizing system learns the behavior of the building in just 7 days allowing it to be predictive and proactive in management and control of the building.

75F’s system allows for a high degree of remote capability, allowing 75F’s support team to remotely control and fix over 80% of the problems at the site. The result of this has been extremely high Mean Time To Connect (MTTC) and Mean Time To Resolve (MTTR) scores. Moreover, the 75F System has relatively simple user-interface so that Facility Teams are able to resolve their problems themselves in majority cases.

"We focus on delivering the ultimate customer experience.."

Nothing can beat the feeling of watching your efforts come to fruition when customers come back and say they are happy with our solution. For example, one of our customers, Mr. Manjunath Srivatsa, Sr. Vice President – Administration and Security and Firstsource Solutions in Malad, Mumbai said, “ I found their (75F’s) technology was much superior compared to any other companies that I have met. They understand technology very well and they are a very agile team.” Firstsource Solutions had benefited with 45.63% savings on AHU energy consumption and the savings combined with our easy and non-disruptive installation process offered them an ROI as low as 2.05 years.

At 75F, we always focus on delivering the ultimate customer experience and a testament to this is the fact that more than 30% of our customers have come back to us with repeat orders.

This award only makes all of us more determined to ensure that our customers in the future will experience a pleasant and hassle-free experience, right from the installation to the regular maintenance and service visits.

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