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How 75F Improves Heat Pump, Fan Coil Unit, & PTAC Energy Efficiency

Jun 11, 2019 6:00:00 AM

How 75F Works with Heat Pumps, Fan Coil Units & PTACsImagine a residential smart thermostat with machine learning, remote control, and a mobile app. Apply that to commercial buildings and you get the wireless-networked 75F Smart Stat: the world’s smartest commercial thermostat. Then combine the 75F Smart Stat with a full Building Automation System (BAS) and you get an incredible combination of group controls for several HVAC systems, along with lighting and boiler and chiller plant controls for a unified, wholistic commercial BAS at half the cost of the competition.

Let's take a look at how it works. 

Manage & Control with the 75F Smart Stat

Smart Stat

The 75F® Smart Stat™ provides an integrated, in-room, wall-mounted user interface with 7 onboard sensors and thermostat zone controls for single and dual-stage HVAC equipment. The Smart Stat controls a wide range of equipment to support comfortable, energy efficient commercial buildings. The 75F Smart Stat  can easily be used to control a heat pump unit, fan coil units, and PTACs–  and when it does, it operates similarly to a typical thermostat – plus with a few added benefits for a commercial environment. Here's why the Smart Stat works well with heat pump units and more:

  • You receive immediate alerts regarding mechanical issues with data streaming from the Smart Stat, allowing you to discover potential issues before the occupants do.
  • Like all 75F terminal equipment, the Smart Stat communicates with the Central Control Unit through a wireless mesh network for secure, reliable communication and remote access. 
  • Not only is programming easy, it's remotely accessible. There's no need to travel to the thermostat to set schedules – nor do you need to manage multiple log-ins. You can also schedule changes without approval thanks to program user limits. 


Wiring the Smart Stat to a heat pump is easy, just like a standard thermostat. 75F provides a 10k, type 2 thermistor probe for each Smart Stat sold, which is to be installed as the supply air temperature sensor. This sensor is used to detect poor unit health.  

Benefits & Key Differentiators

Feature Benefit

Easy-to-install wireless controls

Lowers cost to install, less hassle. Great for retrofits and upgrading older BMSs

Out-of-the-box, best-in-class sequences

Eliminates complex custom programming

Built-in occupancy sensor

Saves energy

Supply air sensors

Provides fault detection and diagnostics

Built-in VOC, CO2, and light sensors

Great for IAQ and WELL Building Standards

Integrated analytics and widgets for system operation

Allows at-a-glance surveillance of all units on site

Local overrides and inputs on OLED

Easier to install and commission

Remote configuration

Eliminates site visits

How it Works with Our Suite

The 75F solution for heat pumps, fan coil units, and PTACs is part of the 75F integrated suite for complete building intelligence. Our suite of web and mobile apps, Facilisight, provides complete remote control and insight for operational efficiency. The system provides:


75F for Heat Pumps


Want to learn more about how our easy-to-use, low cost BAS works with heat pumps, fan coil units, PTACs, and more? Download our free PDF!


Download 75F for Heat Pumps, Fan Coil Units & PTACs




Sarah Baker

Written by Sarah Baker

Download 75F for Heat Pumps, Fan Coil Units & PTACs

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