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75F Disruptors Then vs. Now

Apr 9, 2020 9:15:28 AM

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve posted blog updates highlighting our animal companions assisting us at home, as well as some great book recommendations. Today we’re upping the fun factor and providing a glimpse of what some of the 75F Disruptors looked like years ago vs today. From babies to awkward adolescent years to who we are now...you’ll see some Canadian tuxedos, some killer tie dye selections, hairdos we’d rather not talk about, and some glamorous senior portrait poses. We hope you enjoy these as much as we have and you get a good laugh! No judgment please!


1. Alissa Sundstedt, Executive Assistant

                            Alissa then        Alissa Now

2. Gaurav Burman, VP & APAC President

                            Gaurav Burman old pic                Gaurav Burman new

3. John Nye, Head of Growth Marketing

                     John Nye Then         John Nye Now

4. Nithesh K. Salian, Senior Design Engineer

                 Nithesh K Salian- Old                Nithesh K Salian- New

5. Kelly Huang, Video Content Manager

                        Kelly Huang Then (9th Grade)                      Kelly Huang Now - selfie game stronger

6. Oindri Sengupta, General Manager - Human Resources

                                Oindri Then                 Oindri Now

7. Brittany Tischer, Project Manager

                Brittany Tischer Then                  Brittany Tischer Now

8. Adam Gumm, Logistics & Fulfillment Technician 

               Adam Gumm Old Pic               Adam Gumm New Pic


9. Velu Sampath, Lead Procurement

                  Velu Then          Velu with Madhu (Daughter) Now

10. Lauren French, Marketing Coordinator

                   Lauren Then                 Lauren Now

11. Aparna Aravindakshan, Manager Commercial Sales

                       Aparna-Then               Aparna-Now

12. Josh Purdy, Head of Corporate Communications

                    Josh Purdy Then        Josh Purdy Now

13. Stephanie Thiede, Customer Success Manager

                         Stephanie Thiede Then           Stephanie Thiede Now.  

14. Jen Egeland, Talent Success Specialist 

                Jen Egeland So Moody Then        Jen Egeland Now

15. Melissa Baker, Technical Writer 

                  Melissa Baker Then         Melissa Baker Now

16. Dave Koerner, VP of Marketing

           Dave Then       Dave Now

17. Deepinder Singh, CEO 

               Deep with Mom          Deep with Simran

18. Rachel Haines, Territory Sales Manager 

                     Rachel Haines Then (Selected by Wes)          Rachel Haines Now

19. Denny Connelly, Logistic & Fulfillment Technician

                     Denny Connelly Old           Denny Connelly New

20. Rick Justis, Territory Sales Manager 

      Rick Justis Then (1982)       Rick Justis Now

21. Kenny Looby, BAS Support Engineer L2 

        Kenny now 2  kenny now  

22. Faisal Kirkire, Assistant Sales Manager

                 Old Faisal Kirkire         New Faisal Kirkire

23. Ellie Mitchell, Inside Sales Rep

       MicrosoftTeams-image        ellie now


Kelly Huang

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