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75F Disrupting at Scale with Daikin

Oct 27, 2017 3:26:30 PM

75F has been getting noticed as a disruptor in media and awards for bringing a new approach to the traditional building automation market and deploying controls solutions in some of the largest established HVAC equipment systems. So, we were somewhat surprised and honored when Daikin Applied Americas, part of the largest global HVAC brand, invited us to present and exhibit at their own North American Daikin Group Sales Meeting (#DGSM17) in San Antonio, TX.

Daikin Disruption Tour DGSM Logo

The theme was Disruption, recognizing the industry has fallen behind the curve, with outdated approaches, models and thinking, all amid the most game-changing confluence of technologies that are changing up every industry (think cloud, analytics, IoT, AI, etc.. And Daikin is taking a refreshing, forward-looking view on how to bring solutions to market both with their own product development approach and in partnership with nimble innovators (think 75F) that can enhance and complement their solution suite.

So, after presenting and packing up our "IAQ Bar" at the USGBC Minnesota "Building Green" event in Duluth, the 75F team jumped in the plane and set coordinates to San Antonio (SAT).

Flying Sardar in Diamond Twin Star en route to SAT

Bob and Ben in plane with headsetsCoordinates SAT


 The conference kicked off with energetic, industry-moving rock'n'roll, and the excitement keep growing. Daikin invited 75F founder and CEO Deepinder Singh to deliver one of the 3 tracks following the conference kick-off. The show started with an intro by Daikin Applied Americas CEO Mike Schwartz and the keynote presentation with Travelocity.com and Kayak.com founder Terry Jones' presentation delivering a rapid-fire rundown on the new world order of nimble, software-defined, big-data-enabled, results-based business models.

Deep In Orange Boots with Smart Stat

75F Lowering the Threshold for Building Controls Adoption

Deepinder Sing, showing his style with orange turban and orange cowboy boots, carried the disruption theme forward with "Disrupting Building Intelligence through IoT & Machine Learning" ( download slides ),contrasting the DIY custom-programming nature of today's building automation systems in a world where cars are driving themselves; buildings need to be need to catch up - to become sensing, predictive and proactive with ease of deployment and use. 75F is helping to do just that, with easily installed  equipment, with software-defined configuration, designed for non-specialists; see the video with 8-9 year old students installing and configuring 75F in their school. 

Kids at Cyprus Installing the 75F Solution

Driverless Car


Intelligent Solutions at the Center of the Expo

In addition to speaking at the event, 75F was invited to be one of a handful of select partners to exhibit among the many Daikin solution, from massive chillers to VRV cassette-based systems to Rooftop units (RTUs). 75F was positioned in the hub of the expo with Daikin Intelligent Solutions. 75F offers an affordable, easily-deployed and vertically-integrated suite of sensors, equipment controllers and software for commercial building automation. Some key applications include the ability to adding zoning to constant volume (CV) systems with Dynamic Airflow Balancing and improved efficiency and indoor air quality through Outside Air Optimization. Results and benefits include energy efficiency, predictive maintenance and OpEx savings, as well as the exponentially more-valuable comfortable and healthy environment for the people in those buildings to live and work in optimal conditions....improving productivity individually and organizationally.

75F DGSM17 Daikin Intelligent Solutions Booth - Bob Deep-756156-edited-028747-edited.jpg

Across the 4-day event, 75F enjoyed meeting Daikin executives, product, sales and service team members, as well as partners and their customers, representing consulting, design and mechanical service providers from across North America. 75F was invited to explore opportunities to complement Daikin solutions in pilot installations, including adding zoning and HVAC + lighting controls into light industrial and office buildings. The overall reception and interest was phenomenal, from the end-to-end demos and discussions on the expo floor (no time to eat!), to the multiple pilot deployment opportunities identified within hours of the start.

Daikin Applied Americas (including former McQuay International and Goodman) represents a large part of the U.S, based Daikin operations and relevant solutions that can be powered by 75F building intelligence solutions.

We welcome you to download the Deepinder's presentation from the event and use the slides freely.


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