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75F Customer is First to Voluntarily Microchip Employees in the U.S.

Aug 3, 2017 11:06:03 AM

One of our customers, Todd Westby, CEO and President of TurnKey Corrections and Three Square Market, is making news across the country for the controversial microchip offering that’s newly available to employees. He is passionate about technology and always searching for the latest and greatest. Developer of software used in vending machines, Three Square Market, is not shy about the attention this is gaining the company. A whopping 50 employees (over half) opted in voluntarily to be chipped this week.

Microchip Party Media Frenzy at the River Falls Turnkey Office

Each microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and costs roughly $300, which the company is paying on behalf of its employees. The chip is implanted between the thumb and forefinger and is brand new to the U.S., though first developed in Sweden. "It's the next thing that's inevitably going happen and we want to be a part of it," said Three Square Market CEO, Todd Westby, according to CNBC news.

The chips allow implanted employees to log into computers, purchase items in the break room and open company doors. Key fobs are so five minutes ago. Read Three Square Market’s blog post to learn more on why they are doing it.

Microchip are Implanted into Voluntary Employee Hands

"We see this as another payment and identification option that not only can be used in our markets but also in our other self-checkout and self-service applications that we are now deploying, which include convenience stores and fitness centers," said a company executive, according to The Washington Post. The company says the chip does not enable GPS tracking and assures employees that their data is encrypted. According to Engadget, no employee is stuck with this chip forever and it can be popped out.

Media Frenzy at the Chip Party at Turnkey Headquarters.jpg

During the media frenzy, Todd took the time to reach out and thank us for keeping his building comfortable. "It feels great in here," said Todd. Despite the rapidly changing conditions created by having hundreds of media outlets and journalists with cameras take over, the 75F building automation solution kept the space comfortable, allowing Todd to focus on more important things. Clearly this is one company that's implementing tech into all facets of their business. 

While we support Todd’s love of technology, 75F is sticking to building automation systems (vs. people automation systems), for the foreseeable future. Prior to Todd’s implementation of chipping employees, he sought a high tech, cloud computing controls solution for his company’s HVAC system. He knew he wanted web-based software that was readily managed online and via mobile. 

Watch the below TurnKey case study video to see why Todd was taken with our technology.


When Todd was referred to 75F, he loved the features offered, especially the cloud computing aspect. 



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