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What Does 75F Do?

Feb 22, 2017 8:29:23 PM


What does 75F do?

We make dumb buildings smart and solve customer pain points in the process. We have a library of solutions for commercial building automation – we can retrofit your building with HVAC, lighting, and more!

Outside Air Optimization (OAO)

Outside Air Optimization is a big reason many of our customers are saving money and energy today. We retrofit your rooftop unit and by using OAO, we can control it. With this solution, you can enjoy free outside air cooling, control the pressure in your restaurant or building and breathe fresher air, because OAO senses Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

The OAO solution alone will save you up to 40% on energy.  

Dynamic Airflow Balancing (DAB)

Dynamic Airflow Balancing is our claim to fame. The system is so smart it knows what the weather will be tomorrow and no one else is addressing airflow quite like our airflow superheroes. This predictive, proactive solution is incredibly intelligent. There are numerous cases out there where employees are struggling with the age-old thermostat war. Utilizing Dynamic Airflow Balancing, each zone or room will have its own thermostat, allowing individuals to control their temperature. Over time, the self-learning system will understand you and your optimum comfort zone. Now that’s smart!


Advanced lighting is our newest solution. We're not just a company that improves your heating and cooling. You can now turn any light on and off based off your schedule. Our biggest differentiator is that we examine the orientation and geographical placement of your building. Then we combine local weather and the sunset/sunrise times to create real-time scheduling, ensuring your system only runs when it needs to.

In addition, 75F can also create custom solutions to your unique challenges! We understand that the complexity of building operations brings a great deal of potential issues to solve. So if all the solutions I’ve mentioned don't fit your needs, give us a call at 888.590.8995 or contact us via email. We’re here to help you save money by saving energy and improving comfort!

Learn How We Make Your Building Intelligent 


Kelly Huang

Written by Kelly Huang

Learn How We Make Your Building Intelligent

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