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75F Completes Largest HVAC Installation in One Day

Feb 9, 2017 4:14:41 PM

75F sets a new record for commissioning the largest number of offices in a single day! The Reserve's Co-working office space is comprised 63 offices. 75F wireless mesh networking enabled the contractors at Midland Heating & Air Conditioning to complete commissioning in five hours. The best part? With 75F Continuous Commissioning™ the system is always commissioning based on current demand load and smart algorithms informed by cloud computing.

The Reserve is a co-working office space in Minnesota which offers a variety of work stations, offices and conference rooms. After installing 75F in their Edina location and finding it to a valuable source of energy savings, facility managers sought a contractor with 75F experience to include the system in the construction specifications of their new Woodbury location.

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Enter Midland Heating & Air Conditioning! Midland has been installing heating and cooling systems in new and existing homes and commercial buildings since 1950 and for the past two years, they’ve partnered with 75F to install the system in buildings across Minnesota, including Salo and YogaFit. Midland has found 75F to be a large benefit to their business, allowing them to deliver precise temperature control and energy savings to their customers. It was a perfect match.

The HVAC installation went smoothly, with the system being installed in four rooftop units. A total of 63 WRMs (Wall Room Modules) were installed, giving occupants individualized temperature control over every room in the building. Once the building was framed, Dave and two other contractors were able to complete the final commissioning of the 75F system in a single day.

The installation went smoothly, with contractors citing straightforward wiring and simple damper installation as major time-savers. “75F is extremely easy to install,” explains Kyle B., Services Manager at Midland. “The wiring is a breeze.”

Would they do it again? “Absolutely,” says Dave Ambriz, Midland’s lead engineer.  

“We love working with 75F and we enjoy the partnership. I’ve found 75F to be a real helpful tool in going after my commercial customers. It allows me another option to help [our customers] control their buildings and create energy savings, thus adding value for that building owner.”

— Midland Owner, Todd S.

As for the Reserve, they love the temperature control and energy savings they’ve found through 75F. With more buildings on the way, they plan to continue including the system in future builds. Giving customers the freedom to control the temperature of their own office is an essential benefit –especially in a shared space with diverse room sizes and varying occupancy schedules. “People can use any office, whether it’s a conference room or a little room,” explains Dave Ambriz, the lead engineer on the project. “75F is the perfect control system for that building.”

Sarah Baker

Written by Sarah Baker

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