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Dunbar Dental Improves Patient and Employee Comfort

Mar 23, 2016 2:39:43 PM

The employees of Dunbar Dental were readily able to identify a reoccurring problem, they just weren’t sure how to fix it. Dramatic temperature imbalances occurred from one part of the building to the next and even from one room to the very next.

“Nobody was comfortable,” complained Dental Assistant, Rachel Anderson. “Somebody was always hot, somebody was always cold.” Dr. William Dunbar elaborates, “It was so hard to regulate the heat and cold, I had patients bringing blankets, because they knew it was always freezing in here.”

With the 75F solution, employees were each given a room sensor, allowing them to dictate their own room temperature. Click on the video below to watch the full story.

Kristen Johnson

Written by Kristen Johnson

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