Top Five Reasons to Fall in Love with 75F

Feb 12, 2016 5:38:35 PM

#1 Open and Honest Communication

Not only is the 75F thermostat easy on the eyes, but even more importantly, it’s an excellent communicator. You can chat anytime through a computer, tablet or smart phone, making your connection stronger than ever before. Then when you choose to view reporting data, it’s right there waiting for you in an easy to use app, accessible through mobile or web.

#2 Makes You Feel Comfortable

The 75F thermostat aims to please. It quietly takes note of your habits and preferences, ensuring that each room is set to the perfect temperature upon arrival. The system’s algorithms track the weather, angle of the sun and room occupancy to proactively regulate the temperature and keep it stable. If you can say this about your thermostat, it sounds like you’ve found a keeper.

#3 Intelligent and Confident

Does your thermostat turn you on? That would explain why walking out of the snow and into the room instantly heats you up. Who wouldn’t be impressed by internet connected sensors taking temperature and humidity readings every 60 seconds? And who wouldn’t fall in love with over one million lines of confident data crunching, all working to make you most comfortable? Talk about intelligent!

 #4 Giving and Caring

Not only does 75F care about your happiness, but it cares about the planet! If your thermostat is helping to reduce its carbon footprint, then it even cares about your friends and family. Let us be clear when we say, that’s worth falling head over heels for!


#5 Saves You Cash

You never expected your thermostat to foot the bill all the time, but you did wonder, ‘Wouldn’t it be awesome if it helped out?’ Well now you’ve found 75F, which features wireless technology that pulls its weight through inherent values. By reducing its carbon footprint, it saves you up to 40% on every energy bill! When your trepidation is dwindling and your wallet is growing, don’t be surprised if your heart skips a beat.

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Kristen Johnson

Written by Kristen Johnson

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