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2016: A Year in Review

Dec 20, 2016 11:55:56 AM

From media tours and press coverage to tradeshows and awards, 2016 has been one incredible year! Sales are up 500%, our driven team has grown by 16 people globally and we are as determined as ever to trailblaze building automation with our energy saving solution! As part of the United Nations Environment Program- Sustainable Buildings Climate Initiative, we are here to improve comfort, while reducing our carbon footprint.


On January 12, we were featured in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal with a story that highlighted our 'cool' office space, no pun intended. Large windows allowing lots of natural light, seating pods instead of cubicles and a shared walking desk are the reasons we love it, so it was no surprise when the local press took interest in it too.


February 9, the Clean Energy Resource Team caught wind of us, thanks to “winning a slew of awards in the last few years.” Check out the article, MN Clean Energy Entrepreneur: 75F.

Later that month we received a Facebook message from newscaster M. A. Rosko and learned Fox 9 also wanted to feature our office. When the Cool Workplace news story went live, it gained over 200,000 impressions.


March 1st - 2nd, we traveled to New York for a media tour, meeting with Popular Mechanics, The New York Times, Popular Science and more.

March 12th, we headed to spirited Nashville for the Restaurant Facility Management Association (RFMA) tradeshow for the first time. We hit it off with a splash, from the exhibition itself to Deepinder’s RIFF Talk (similar to a TED Talk) on The Internet of Comfort

We were even deemed "best dressed" during the fun run, which benefited a local non-profit organization who assists homeless and low-income citizens. Read all about the highlights in our blog.

March 23rd, Cyndy Brucato of Greater MSP Business interviewed CEO Deepinder Singh on the details of our innovative HVAC solution. Read the full Interview with Deepinder and watch the video here.


On April 12, The Line published YogaFit Embraces “The Internet of Air” highlighting our unique system that integrates with Google Calendar. The solution allows instructors to change the thermal setting from their smart phones, instead of going in 30-45 minutes prior to class, to manually update the thermostat. 

“75F’s solution was seamless and elegant: unlike typical programmable thermostats, its multi-zone thermostats integrated directly with the studios’ scheduling software, empowering instructors to set comfortable class and open studio temperatures days in advance.”

— The Line Article

Mid April, we discovered we were the Titans of Technology award winner in the Technology Inventor category. What an honor to win our first award for the year!

“I believe we are surrounded by inspiration and serendipity to discover new ideas. I read once, “If we live without making a difference, it makes no difference that we lived,” and it has since become a core axiom of my life.”

— Deepinder Singh, CEO

On April 17th, Deepinder spoke on-air with a local news channel about the Energy Saving Benefits of 75F, for a segment showcasing ways to save energy in preparation for earth day. 


On May 5th, Deepinder conducted an on-air interview with Radio Entrepreneur, speaking about his personal journey and what that has meant to him. Later that month on the 31st, we were showcased in IoT Journal in the feature 75F Rethinks Heating and Cooling With IoT-based Solution.


June 1st - 2nd, we showcased our solution at the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM7) in San Francisco, a follow up to COP 21. What an honor to be selected to exhibit and to have Dr. Ernest Moniz, U.S. Secretary of Energy, stop by to say hello! 

Dr. Ernest Moniz, U.S Secretary of Energy with CEO, Deepinder Singh Dr. Ernest Moniz, U.S Secretary of Energy with CEO, Deepinder Singh

The Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal announced on June 17 that 75F was chosen as the winner of the Eureka! Innovation Award for Achitecture and Engineering.

“What you need is a way of moving the air to parts of the building that need it the most, knowing what is going to happen in the future.”

— Deepinder Singh, CEO

Our first win in India was First Source’s Malad Paradigm office in Mumbai, which faced significant temperature variances in different parts of the building including hot spots and over cooling. Occasional odor was another issue, due to the proximity of sea and sulfur in the area. All these problems were compromising employees’ comfort – and in turn, output. First Source was also keen to reduce their energy bills and enjoy the benefits of automation, centralized visibility and alerts in their facility.

75F installed its award-winning Dynamic Airflow Balancing Solution which led to 53.9% reduction on their Analyzing Air Handling (AHU) Energy Consumption. 75F also helped mitigate First Source’s temperature and air quality concerns, eliminating hot spots and cold spots around the office by controlling temperatures at +/-2°F from the desired set point, ensuring no over cooling or heating. The Facilisight App provided the customer with complete visibility, alerts and diagnostics.

“75F has demonstrated technical expertise and professionalism right from the beginning through to the site survey, the non-disruptive installation and now the on-going management and maintenance. Thanks to 75F we achieved significant savings on our energy bills and have noticed a considerable improvement in comfort levels. We are now able to maintain a constant temperature across workstations, avoiding hotspots and overcooling and at the same time save on energy. Moreover, with the Facilisight app I now have complete visibility to my facility through my mobile, which is really impressive.”

— Rajeev Dhawan, General Manager, First Source Solution


On July 26th, Entreprenuer India, an international franchise of Entrepreneur Media, showcased our Indian VP and President, Gaurav Burman, in The Internet Of Things Ecosystem: Unlocking The Business Value Of connected devices


August was a big month for us as early on, as we announced the launch of our business operations in India. Read the full 75F Enters India: Launches IoT Smart Building Solution press release here.

On August 16th, Deepinder was featured in the Tech Crunch article, How to Prevent your IoT Devices from being forced into Botnet Bondage.


September 15th, PC Quest publishes the story MSNBC Your Business interview, showcasing tips and tricks for small business owners.

Late September, we headed to Orlando to be a part of RFMA Gives Back, donating our time to The Daily Bread, where we helped refresh a center that feeds the homeless and less fortunate. 

Soon after, our CCO Bob, received an exciting call from Xcel Energy, notifying us that we were Ranked #6 for Xcel Energy Efficiency Control Rebates!

Meanwhile in India, Flipkart – India's most popular e-commerce portal, comparable to Amazon in the US – was secured. The warehouse employees were uncomfortable because of hot spots in certain parts of the office and because of a musty smell through their studio area before 75F entered the picture. 75F’s Dynamic Airflow Balancing Solution solved these problems in addition to ensuring a 38% savings on their HVAC energy consumption per month.  

Also in September, in keeping with our commitment to save energy and reduce carbon emissions, 75F India partnered with the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) and Alliance for Energy Efficient Economy. IGBC is part of the Confederation of Indian Industry with an aim “to enable a sustainable built environment for all and facilitate India to be one of the global leaders in the sustainable built environment by 2025."

Globally, the revolutionary 75F Facilisight app was updated to introduce a new user interface which is more dynamic and intuitive. The new update, which brings the iPhone app up to speed with the iPad version, allows for simpler navigation, better visibility and easy-to-recognize alerts. The icons have also been upgraded, making them more intuitive and lending a contemporary look and feel to the app. The new navigation is designed to make the entire workflow faster.


On October 12th, Business World Disrupt (Disruption in Entrepreneurship) writes American-Indian IoT Startup 75F targets 100 Crore In India By 2018-19. Just one day later, Business Insider India posted an article about us in their tech section.

Our India team installed in The Times of India, the largest selling English daily in the entire world. The Times of India faced issues such as cold spots, high HVAC energy consumption and a lack of automation with no central monitoring or control of their energy consumption. 75F’s Dynamic Airflow Balancing Solution resulted in around 950 kWh of energy savings per month in addition to uniform temperatures across the office. Our Facilisight app provided customers with complete visibility and control in the palm of the facility manager’s hand. 

Meanwhile, back in the states, we joined the Minnesota Restaurant Association (MRA) to better connect us to local restaurants in the Twin Cities area. We later celebrated Halloween with a competitive pumpkin carving contest. The balmy 72°F allowed us to enjoy each other's company outside, which was a nice change of pace for Minnesota!


November 3rd, Your Story highlighted us in their article, How 75F Is Going After the ‘Internet of Air’ and Making Office Spaces More Energy-Efficient. On November 10th, we were featured in Express Computer, with the article US-based Startup 75F Aims to Make Indian Buildings Energy Efficient Using IoT.

November 14th, we were selected as the cover story for Ace Update Magazine in their article Minnesota High Tech Association, honor Minnesota companies and individuals who have shown superior technology innovation and leadership. During the award ceremony, Deepinder’s name was called and we took home our 3rd award for the year. Read all about the TEKNE award here. 

Overseas in India, the 75F team installed its first 'Chilled Water Balancing Technology’ at HCL Technologies, a Leading Offshore IT and Software Development Outsourcing Company. 


We were proudly enlisted as one of the “Top 50 Small Medium Enterprises in India” by ASSOCHAM! India's Apex Chamber of Commerce and Industry, ASSOCHAM, presented a Certificate of Excellence, to recognize 75F’s outstanding performance, to Mr Gaurav Burman, India's 75F VP and President. The 4th SMEs Excellence Award of 2016 was held on December 6th in New Delhi. Read the SME Post article Founded in US, start-up 75F targets Rs 100 cr revenue in India here.

India joined the Alliance for Energy Efficient Economy (AEEE) Association. AEEE is a policy advocacy and energy efficiency market enabler which works on creating awareness about energy efficiency as a resource, advocates for data driven and evidence-based energy efficiency policies that will unleash the innovation and entrepreneurship within the country to create an energy-efficient economy.

Here in the states, we completed the year in typical 75F holiday form, enjoying the team we all work so hard alongside. This year, there was a great deal to cheers to!

December 14th, IoT India Magazine ran the story Top 10 IoT Trends In India To Watch Out For In 2017.

Lastly, we want to thank you all for your support along our energy saving, comfort driven, sustainable journey. We hope to serve more of you and save even more energy in the future. It’s been an incredible year and we look forward to a groundbreaking 2017 ahead! 

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