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Top Five Reasons to Break Up with your Thermostat

Feb 4, 2016 11:58:06 PM

#1 You’re Getting the Cold Shoulder

You’ve been open and communicative with your thermostat since day one. You excitedly tell it all about what’s new and thrilling in your life, but it’s totally unresponsive. Sometimes you get so upset that you’re driven to push its buttons, but even this barely evokes a reaction! When you wholeheartedly tell your thermostat how you’re feeling and get the cold shoulder in return, it’s time to move on!

#2 It’s Gotten Controlling

Your thermostat shouldn’t dictate when you feel comfortable. You are your own person, with your own feelings and you get to make your decisions! If your thermostat is telling you when to dress warm, that’s simply not cool. There’s no time like the present to say goodbye to that control freak.

#3 You Detest the Very Sight of It

The first time you laid eyes on your thermostat, it took your breath away. It was stylish and chic, making you weak in the knees! But those days are long gone and now the very sight of it irritates you. The raw truth is that it very likely looks the same today, as that first fateful evening you set eyes on it. But years have gone by and it is still holding on to that same, outdated look. Sounds like you’re due for an upgrade.

#4 You’ve Grown Apart

Don’t beat yourself up, as this can occur naturally over time and it’s not your fault. Your dreams and priorities are evolving, but your thermostat is not. It’s not fair to keep dragging it along, just because you’re afraid to hurt its feelings. Be true to yourself and be honest with your thermostat. When you do this, if all you’re getting is a blank stare in return, you’ll know it’s time to break up.  

#5 You’re Always Stuck Footing the Bill

It’s not that your thermostat should always be the one to pay, but shouldn’t the ‘right’ one help you out? If you’ve only seen an increase in your monthly energy bill and it feels like it’s costing you, maybe your thermostat isn’t ‘the one’ after all? Your thermostat should be on your side, working with you, not against you.  

Kristen Johnson

Written by Kristen Johnson

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