Introducing 75F Standalone MicroZone™

Oct 1, 2015 1:07:46 PM

Is there a single room in your building that is causing temperature related comfort issues? The 75F Standalone MicroZone™ converts any existing diffuser into a VAV diffuser with individual temperature control to provide optimum comfort in a space. 

Unlike existing solutions in the marketplace today, 75F Standalone MicroZone is a programmable digital VAV diffuser that enables installers to program custom functions such as user temperature limits, diagnose performance and upgrades any existing diffuser, no matter what kind of control system is in place.

The solution consists of a digital thermostat controlling up to two motorized dampers which create a VAV zone. The digital thermostat / controller enables people to choose desired temperatures and the installer to program custom functions.

Thermostat / Controller Thermostat / Controller

Damper Damper

Individual Comfort & Control
Provides optimum heating and cooling airflow to a space by sensing room temperature and humidity, discharging air temperature, then modulating airflow to ensure that your zone remains at a consistent level of comfort.

Low Cost, Easy Installation
Installs in just minutes and requires no programming. Just set the desired temperature and walk away. Digital controller enables fast and easy customization.

Fully Compatible
Compatible with all round and rectangular HVAC ducting and all control systems. Controller upgradeable to become part of full 75F Dynamic Airflow Balancing™ solution.

Jane Kaster

Written by Jane Kaster

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