Multiple buildings. One portal.

Jun 14, 2015 10:30:04 PM

Wifi connected thermostats are becoming the standard in both residential and commercial buildings. The extra connectivity improves functionality of the device and increases insight into the HVAC system which leads to increased energy efficiency. 

Remote monitoring is one advantage of such a device. If you own multiple buildings you can check the status of the HVAC system without having to visit each building individually. Many of these systems provide insight into the current temperatures, send automated alerts, and even let you make changes remotely. 

The problem with many platforms is that if you own multiple buildings, you have a separate account for each building. You don't get a consolidated overview of all buildings or easy access to each individual system. 


75F provides a single portal with access to all buildings. This view can provide unprecedented insight into each of your buildings where you can check the status of your equipment, view your energy savings, and make any necessary adjustments. 

The benefits of using 75F include:

  • Single login to access hundreds, even thousands of buildings.
  • Dashboard view to quickly view the status of your system performance and comfort levels.
  • Remote access to monitor and adjust equipment settings.
  • Automated alerts for mechanical or system warnings and errors.


For more information about the system, read more here.

Hunter Dunbar

Written by Hunter Dunbar

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