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How the Internet of Things is used in HVAC

Mar 15, 2015 1:16:00 PM


The Internet of Things (IoT) is enabling products or services to be smarter than ever before. What do we mean by smarter? Here is one way 75F uses the power of IoT. 75F collects weather reports on a daily (and even hourly) basis and then sets up a plan to distribute airflow to each individual room in an office, as it is needed. This allows us to make calculated adjustments and proactively adjust the temperature to keep the internal environment as comfortable as possible. 

Here is another way to think about this. When you drive a car, you don't only look in the rear view mirror to navigate down the highway. You would only be able to turn your car after obstacles or turns in the road have already passed you by. That would be a very bumpy ride.

With today's thermostats, they only react to a temperature imbalance once it has occurred. They don't take into account the daily changes in local temperature, humidity levels, or whether the sun is shining. This results in large temperature swings that have to be compensated for by running the HVAC system for a long period of time. As a result, the overall comfort and energy efficiency of your building go down. 

75F proactively adjusts to temperature changes because we know they are coming. We know whether the sun is shining and what the temperature is outside of your building - and even better, we know how that effects the environment inside your building. This additional knowledge gets passed down to our Smart Dampers and into your HVAC equipment, allowing the system to work in harmony to increase comfort and efficiency. This foresight ensures your building doesn't drive off the road. 

Especially when the seasons are changing and the temperature difference between one day can swing 10 to 20 degrees, having a system that can automatically adjust to a change in weather will save you energy and increase the productivity of your space.

There is a lot more to maintaining the temperature inside your building, than just what is happening inside your building. 

To learn more about the 75F system, check out How it Works.

Hunter Dunbar

Written by Hunter Dunbar

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