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Building Control Systems: A 75F Overview

Traditional building controls systems are overbuilt and require extensive resources to install, set-up, custom program and maintain – creating high costs of acquisition and ownership.

75F offers a quick and easy-to-deploy solution. No programming required. Easy enough for 8- or 9-year-olds to install. Born in the cloud, 75F offers data-driven, proactive system management and software-defined configuration for a range of applications. Our vertically-integrated suite of wireless sensors, equipment controllers, smarter thermostats and cloud-based software deliver fast functionality out-of-the-box

Cyprus Installation

75F is a perfect fit for these applications:


Cloud Computing

Cloud Native Does Compute

Since 75F was born in the cloud, we aren’t trying to force a rigid legacy system into today’s dynamic, IoT-connected, big-data world. 75F is fast and agile, able to develop and deploy features and workflows in response to sensed needs. With millions of data points processed daily, we apply machine learning to predict daily challenges and proactively control HVAC and lighting systems for optimum comfort and efficiency. These insights and analytics are served up in an intuitive graphic user interface allowing building management teams to monitor and proactively manage facilities, adding efficiency and value for their tenants.

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