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Smart Buildings Boost Portfolio Value Building Automation White Paper

Smart Buildings Boost Portfolio Value

Smart, connected buildings are projected to surpass smart homes and industrial automation as the leading IoT-enabled category in the Commercial Real Estate market by 2021. Yet, today only 15% of properties are "smart." This presents a major opportunity.


Building Automation offers fast ROI, reducing expenses, raising value and improving portfolio asset management for CRE properties – all while attracting and delighting tenants! 


Check out the new ebook, "Smart Buildings Boost Portfolio Value" to learn how to:

  • Reduce energy up to 25%, plus cut other OpEx and CapEx expenses
  • Increase lease value per square up to 11.8%
  • Attract tenants and differentiate your properties to reduce vacancies
  • Leverage CAM, TI and other financing mechanisms for mutual value
  • Manage tenant comfort and IAQ automatically
  • Enable a differentiated Occupant Experience for individual tenants
  • Get multi-site monitoring and management at the building, floor, zone and equipment levels - all from a Web or mobile app view

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